At what intervals will stocks decline in 2017? And when will bullion turn highly bullish in 2017?

Today, Jupiter is moving to Virgo navmansha. In the late US hours, Venus shall move to Aquarius. At 9 AM, Moon shall also move to Sagittarius.

Global Equity Indices

Owing to the above planetary changes, a trend reversal may be observed in S&P500 today or tomorrow. It made a double top of 2269. You are advised to hold short position with S/L 2281 for positional timeframe. 2269 can be re-tested.

Next year – 2017 is not good for global economies. Saturn whenever enters fiery sign then a slowdown happens in global economies. The fiery signs of Saturn are Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. On 26th January 2017, it shall enter Sagittarius. Its impact shall start being visible from next week. Saturn in fiery sign has often led to scarcity of grains, uncover of scams, state of war and low production of crude. This can put up a big slow down in the global economies.

Investors shall be alert in 2017.

For the following years, Saturn was in fiery sign:

  • 1930 : Saturn in Sagittarius | Year of great depression
  • 1949 : Saturn in Aries | Korean war crisis
  • 1978: Saturn in Leo | Iranian revolution and oil crisis
  • 1988 : Saturn in Sagittarius | Fall of USSR and recession in Eastern Europe
  • 2008 : Saturn in Leo | Collapse of US housing bubble, Lehman Brothers and Debit crisis in Europe

How will the market be impacted when Saturn re-enters fiery sign Sagittarius on 26th January 2017? Will the history repeat itself?

As per our analysis, market can be extremely negative in 2017. Next yearly closing may be at a really low level. The low of 2016 – 1800 in S&P500 can be breached. Will Trump-onomics fail? Yes, that’s what the analysis is trying to say!

For details, wait for the release of ANNUAL LETTER 2017 that is scheduled on 6th January 2017.


Gold Feb contract made a high of 1151 while Silver March contract made a high of 16.10. After change in navmansha of Jupiter at 06 PM IST and position of Venus. All of these are positional bullish indications for precious metals. Positional traders are advised to hold long in gold and silver with S/L 1124 and 15.60 respectively. In the next 6 months, we are anticipating a new high (crossing 2016’s high).

For details, you must wait for release of ANNUAL LETTER 2017.

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