Stocks, commodities, EURO and YEN ahead

Global Equity Indices

As expected, the reversal of markets has finally happened. S&P500 made a high of 2268 and then fell off. A low of 2246 was made. You were advised to build positional short position with S/L 2281. Around 2246, you may book 50% position. Market may continue to be in bearish mode for today and tomorrow. In next week as well, bearish trend is anticipated. If 2242 is breached then sharp fall is possible which may drive S&p500 to 2230 or lower. If it goes above 2252 then it can re-test 2260-2265. Positional traders shall sell stock indices on rise.

In the ANNUAL LETTER 2017 being released on 6th January 2017, it is indicated that by next year-end, S&P500 would breach 1800. The first quarter of 2017 is supposed to be bearish while the last quarter of 2017 is supposed to be highly bearish. Long term investor shall stay away from investment.

2017 is a bad year for global economy. For details, you are advised to order your copy of ANNUAL LETTER 2017.

Hold short position in DAX.

Positional traders can long ABX, CLF and other mining stocks for the period till June 2017. A high return is expected.

Precious Metals

Bullion remained range bound to positive in the previous trading session. Today as well, it shall behave in a similar way. Any time in a day or two, it can undergo upward trend (more chances indicated for Friday). Gold can cross 1165 while Silver can cross 16.50. Technically above 1152, gold seems to be bullish. And silver is bullish above 16.30.


You were advised to long EUR/USD at 1.0390. Hold this long position for target of 1.0495. In next week, EUR/USD can jump to 1.0550 or higher.

You may book 50% profit around 1.0490 and hold rest position.


In a day or two, USD/INR can touch 68.40-68.50.


A high of 117.78 was made in USD-JPY followed by sharp selling that led to low of 116.72. You are advised to book partial profit here.  Positional traders can hold rest position for target of 110.00 in next 3 months.


Dollar index made a high of 103.45. With S/L of 104.60, positional traders can hold short position in dollar index for target 102.00-101.00.

Indian Stock Market

Nifty made a high of 8100 in the previous trading session. You were advised to short indices at higher levels and carry short position. Around 8000-7970, you can book partial profit in short position. And avoid carrying overnight long position until 2nd January 2017 as astrological indications aren’t in favour of the stocks for some time.


Market shall be negative until 11.15 HRS IST. And then, it shall be uncertain until 13.50 HRS IST. Slight recovery might be observed. 13.50 HRS IST onwards, trend shall be negative. Closing shall be on the lower side.


  • NIFTY FUT: 8060-7940
  • BANK NIFTY FUT: 18100-17700


  • JK TYRES S/L 109 TGT 120-125


  • DLF
  • HDIL
  • HINDALCO S/L 155.60 TGT 148 & BELOW
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