What is financial astrology and how we can predict the global financial markets and assets using the astrology

What is Financial Astrology?

Financial astrology is the use of astrological principles to forecast financial markets. It combines the study of planetary movements and celestial events with financial analysis to make predictions about market trends.

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Key Components of Financial Astrology

how planetary influences the stock market for knowing more meet financial astrologer  mr. rajeev prakash agarwal.

Planetary Influences

The positions of planets are believed to influence your financial luck or ease of earning.

zodiac signs associated with planets and meaning to their financial influence and financial market.

Zodiac Signs

The zodiac signs associated with planets add meaning to their financial influence.

The 12 astrological houses reveal the overall condition of a planet and different life areas.


The 12 astrological houses reveal the overall condition of a planet and different life areas.

Why Us ?

rajeevprakash services has been outperformed the market indexs.

Optimize Investments with Financial Astrology for Long-Term Profit

Financial astrologer Mr. rajeev prakash provide the annua letter service to their client and annual letter contain the all the market trends that can occur in current financial year.

Annual Letter

Timing the market is a crucial aspect of investment success. Our Annual Letter provide insights and timeframes for the major trends across different markets in the upcoming year.

Live entry and exit signals for investors in global financial markets can be a big relief.

Live Signals

Live Signals provide entry and exit instructions during live market conditions. This service also includes 24/7 support, which is highly beneficial for traders.

Daily Newsletter by Rajeev Prakash offers detailed insights and trading range of multiple instruments

Daily Newsletter

Our daily and weekly newsletters provide insights and trading ranges to help you prepare your trading portfolio for the near term. These newsletters are especially valuable for position traders.


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