Navigate the market with science of planets

AstroDunia guides you through the market’s ups and downs with the help of planetary science. Our team of experts in financial astrology provide valuable insights and predictions to assist you in making wise investment decisions and navigate the global markets with ease.

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Why Us?

Stay Ahead of the Game with Our Accurate Financial Predictions. Our track record speaks for itself. We accurately predicted the last two major financial crises, 2008 and 2020, before they even hit the market. Our Annual Letters, dating back to 2018, signaled that 2020 would be a year of concern, and we were right. But that’s not all, our stock picks performed 2x higher than the index, ensuring that our subscribers were always in the know and ahead of the curve. Join the elite community of investors and make informed financial decisions today with our expert guidance.

Expert team

Expert team

Our team includes experts in astrology, finance, and technology, working together to provide the best possible results.

Unique approach

Unique approach

AstroDunia combines the study of financial markets with the use of astrology for predictions, providing a unique perspective on financial forecasting.

Diverse Investment Options

Diverse Investment Options

Covers widest range of asset classes such as stocks, bonds, commodities, crypto and derivatives.

Profit-Driven Investment Strategies for Long-Term Growth

Achieve financial success with Rajeev Prakash’s expert-backed investment strategies and tailored portfolio solutions. Our team of astrology, finance, and technology specialists collaborate to offer valuable recommendations and personalized investment plans to guide you through the global markets.

Unlock The Year 2024 with Annual Letter

Are you ready to capitalize on the next market downturn? While the global markets are currently at record highs, history shows that leap years often usher in significant downturns. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy low and sell high with Annual Letter 2024, your guide to navigating the next market cycle.
Proven Track Record: Our team accurately predicted the major crashes of 2008 and 2020, years that saw markets plummet. Every edition of Annual Letter from 2018 to 2020 consistently warned of a potential downturn in 2020, giving our readers a crucial head start.

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Meet us in Thailand

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Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the financial world by bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern finance, helping individuals make informed and profitable investment decisions through the integration of astrology and market analysis.

Remarkable Predictions

  • Global Financial Crisis of 2020
  • Bullish cycle of Gold & Silver in 2020
  • Trump’s defeat in 2020 & US Presidential elections being disputed
  • State elections of 2018 (MP, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan)
  • BJP emerging victorious in Uttar Pradesh 2017 State Elections
  • Trump’s victory against Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential elections of 2016
  • Modi’s victory in 2014
  • Obama’s victory against Mitt Romney in the US Presidential elections of 2012
  • Bull Cycle of Bullion (especially Silver) in 2011
  • Financial Crisis of 2008
  • Timed the exact dates for lower circuits in Indian Market in January 2008


I have been using astrodunia's services for over 4 years now and have been extremely impressed with the level of expertise and precision they bring to the table. Their live market signals have helped me make quick and informed decisions, resulting in significant profits for my portfolio. The team is highly professional and always available to answer any questions or concerns I may have. I highly recommend astrodunia's services to any serious investor looking to take their trading to the next level.

SK JhunjhunwalaInvestor based out of Mumbai

I have been a loyal subscriber of astrodunia's services for the past 8 years and I can confidently say that it has been a game changer for my investment strategy. Their market analysis and live signals have helped me stay ahead of the market trends and make profitable trades consistently. The team's expertise and attention to detail is unparalleled. They have a deep understanding of the market dynamics and are always available to provide valuable insights.

Raj KumarInvestor based out of the US

I recently had a consultation with Rajeev Prakash Agarwal and I was extremely impressed by his level of expertise and professionalism. He has a deep understanding of astrology and was able to provide me with accurate and actionable insights that have helped me make important decisions in my personal and professional life. He has a unique ability to understand my concerns and provide me with practical solutions. He is not only an expert in astrology, but also a great listener and a wise counsel. I highly recommend his astrology consultation services to anyone looking for guidance and direction in their life.

Nirmal SharmaBusinessman based out of Dubai

I am an entrepreneur based in Australia and have been a subscriber of Astro Dunia's services for the past 2 years. I have found their annual letter, live signals, and daily newsletter to be incredibly valuable in helping me make informed decisions in my business and investments. The annual letter provides a comprehensive overview of the market trends and predictions for the year ahead, which has helped me plan my investments accordingly. The live signals and daily newsletter have helped me stay on top of the latest market developments and make quick, profitable trades

Z. IraniAustralia

I have been using Astro Dunia's services for 4 years as a businessman in PA and I am impressed with their level of expertise and precision. Their market analysis and live signals have helped me make informed decisions in my business and investments. The Annual Letter, daily newsletter, and astrology consultation services have been particularly valuable. I highly recommend Astro Dunia's services.

N. PatelPennsylvania, US

Excellent service. This is undoubtedly the best market forecast newsletter that I have ever subscribed to. None of the other newsletters are anywhere close to this in terms of accuracy. Please continue with the good work!

WithheldFixed income trader with a reputed foreign bank in Asia