About Rajeev Prakash

“Financial astrology is a unique intersection of financial market and predictive abilities using astrology.”

Chief Astrologer

Mr. Rajeev Prakash Agarwal

Expert in financial & personal astrology for 20 years+

Rajeev is a well-known astrologer based in central India who has a deep understanding of both personal and mundane astrology. His team has been closely monitoring the movements of various global financial markets, including equities, precious metals, currency pairs, yields, and treasury bonds.

Our Goal with Rajeev Prakash Financial Astrology

To use astrological research to empower individuals and improve their lives for the greater good.

Who We Are

A financial astrology firm that specializes in predicting global financial markets, with a proven track record of accuracy in predicting the last two major crises (2008 & 2020). Led by Rajeev Prakash Agarwal, based in Central India.

Fact Sheet

Let’s give you a glimpse of our work with numbers.

10 Annual Letters
9 Asset Classes
17+ Years In Business
35K+Pages of Research

Structured Methodology

Identify opportunities related to planetary alignments

Utilize historical data to provide context

Create strategies that can withstand market volatility

Generate innovative insights for future use

Incorporate research into our knowledge base

Offer proprietary services for individuals, fund managers, and professional investors.

Head of Technology

Shashi Agarwal

Shashi is a technology leader with a strong background in global business, financial consulting and expertise in data analysis, global market research, backtesting strategies, commodities research and strategic management. He holds a B. Tech in Computer Science & MBA in Finance from NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS, Mumbai), one of the top B-Schools in India.

Data Analysis | Global Markets Research | Backtesting Strategies| Commodities Research | Strategic Management

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Core Values

Empowering the financial future with integrity, expertise, and innovation


We believe in transparency and honesty in all of our business practices, building trust with our clients.


We put our clients first and strive to understand and meet their unique needs and expectations.

Continuous learning

We constantly strive to learn and improve our understanding of financial astrology and related subjects to stay ahead of the curve.