US Stocks for 2 December 2021

US market witnessed a sharp fall in the previous session and closed lower. In live signals, it was advised to long S&P500 at 4577- this position was booked at 4632. There itself, a short position was advised. This short position has been covered at 4527 today (Asian hours). This was a profit of 105 points. At 4525, it has now been advised to take a long position with S/L 4495. We booked profit in the long position of DOW at 34916 and NASDAQ at 16365. In today’s Asian hours, it has been advised to buy DOW at 34136 with S/L 33900 and NASDAQ at 15942 with S/L 15800. Book profit in the long position of S&P500 around 4600-4620 and again take some short position.

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