Stock Market Astrology Forecasts: June Predictions and Strategies


Stock Market Astrology Forecasts: June Predictions and Strategies

Global Stock Indices

In the previous session, S&P500 made a high of 2797. We’ve advised booking 50% profit in S&P500 around 2788 along with DOW, NASDAQ, and RUSSELL. Due to the Mexico issue, the market is again trading downward. S&P500 made a low of 2763. Today, the market shall move up and remain upward on Monday. For once, it may again cross 2800. We’ve advised adding long in S&P500 @ 2766, RUSSELL @ 1471, DOW @ 24980, and NASDAQ @ 7180. Hold long in S&P500 with S/L 2740 for target 2795-2820. The month of June is dangerous for equities. From 12 June (+/- 1 week), major issues will come to limelight that may range from natural disasters to man-made disasters. Even the attack on Iran could be a possibility. US-China trade war may extend. These events may drive the market into the negative zone. S&P500 may drop below 2600. However, by next Tuesday, cover long position at higher level and enter into short position. On Monday, Asian markets may open positive.

Stock Market Astrology Forecasts : Precious Metals

In the previous session, Gold made a low of 1274 while Silver made a low of 14.30 followed by an uptrend. Gold made a high of 1292 while Silver made a high of 14.55. Gold June contract has resistance at 1293; if it crosses resistance then it’ll easily jump to 1300. Overall, bullion is positive till 27th June 2019. Remain long in precious metals at lower levels. It had been advised to book 50% profit in Gold @ 1288 & Silver @ 14.55. Add long position in Gold if it crosses 1293 with S/L 1280. Next week is positive for bullion. On Monday, some weakness is possible.

Industrial Metals

Long Copper at CMP with S/L 2.62 for target 2.72.

Energy Products

Crude Oil

Crude oil has major support at 55. Today as well as next week, crude is astrologically supportive. It is advised to long oil around 56.00 with S/L 54.00 for target 60+ in the next week.

Natural Gas

We asked you to long NG at 2.54 in the previous session. Hold long in NG with S/L 2.50 for target 2.60-2.65.

Currency Pairs


Continue holding long in EUR/USD for the next week.


Continue holding long in GBP/USD for the next week.


Book profit in USD/JPY at 109.32. Long USD/JPY with S/L 108.80.


Book 50% profit in USD/INR around 70.20.


Short dollar index at 98 for target 97.

Treasury Bonds

US 30 Y T-Bond

Short US 30 Y T-Bond @ 153 (CMP) for target 152.


Book full profit in yield and enter into a long position at CMP (US 10 Y YIELD @ 2.19 & US 30 Y YIELD @ 2.63).


Make 50% long in BTC/USD @ 8792.

Indian Stock Market

Indian market saluted the PM’s oath ceremony that was scheduled in the evening. The market closed positive in the previous session.

Market is currently under the influence of election results and hence, it has been delinked from global markets. Today, it is the announcement of GDP data, which may be below expectations. Today, the market shall trade mixed. Both side moves are possible.

Market is overall positive till next Tuesday. But it is advised to trade with caution. In the month of June, global markets along with Indian markets may witness considerable issues especially from 12th June (+/- 1 week). Inflation may rise. By the end of June 2019, considerable decline is possible. Nifty may breach 11000 while Bank Nifty may breach 28000.

On the higher side, 12200 is possible for Nifty to achieve.

Further details will be available with the next weekly newsletter. If you’re holding positional short then you can hedge your position by buying call options.

Intraday perspective: Market may witness a dip by 12.00 HRS. There onwards until 14.30 HRS, trend may be uncertain. From 14.30 HRS to closing, recovery is possible. Nifty (Spot) has support at 11820 and resistance at 12045 while Bank Nifty (Spot) has support at 31100 and resistance at 31720.

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