SPX500, Dow, Nasdaq and metals forecast

Metals: Gold, Silver, and Copper

Gold, Silver, and Copper are poised for a significant movement. The specific target levels and stop-loss points are exclusive to our members. Our in-depth analysis indicates that a substantial shift in market dynamics is imminent, driven by key economic indicators and global market trends. To access precise trading strategies and stay ahead of the curve, consider becoming a member.

US Indices (DOW, SPX500, and Nasdaq)

Our projections for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) remain positive until June 26, 2024. After this period, we anticipate a downward trend. We have strategically covered 50% of our short positions in the S&P 500 at 5455, initially taken at 5500, and in the Nasdaq at 19650, initially taken at 20000. We continue to hold a long position in the DOW at 39050, having booked 50% profit at 39500. These actions reflect our commitment to maximizing returns while managing risk effectively.

Natural Gas (NG)

Natural Gas (NG) is expected to experience a significant move. The specifics of the direction and detailed trend analysis are reserved exclusively for our members. To gain access to these crucial insights and make informed trading decisions, join our membership program.

By becoming a member, you’ll receive detailed analysis, precise target levels, stop-loss points, and trend forecasts to enhance your trading strategy and achieve optimal results in the global financial markets.

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