Short-Term Market Predictions: Expert Insights and Strategies


Short-Term Market Predictions: Expert Insights and Strategies

As predicted in the previous daily letter, global markets declined. DOW made a low of 24445 and high of 24795 while S&P500 made a low of 2749 and high of 2785 and NASDAQ made a low of 7222 and a high of 7350.

50% profit booking has already been advised at a lower level.

Today, the market is uncertain to bearish. For once, a recovery is possible on Monday-Tuesday wherein S&P500 can again bounce back to 2785.

Mars will retrograde on the 27th of the month. Between 26th June and 2nd July, a major fall is possible. It is believed that S&P500 may breach 2700 in this period.

Day traders should book profit in short position at lower levels or closing hour.

You can buy small quantity of indices at today’s closing hour or lower level. Book profit in this long position by Tuesday at higher level and enter into short position.

Positional traders can again short 50% position at Tuesday’s higher level.

At today’s opening or lower level, one can buy the following tech stocks:


Book profit in the above stocks by Monday’s closing.

In the European and Asian market, it is advised to book 50% profit in short position and make another short position on Tuesday.

Precious Metals

In the previous session, precious metals triggered our lower targets. Gold August made a low of 1263 while Silver July made a low of 16.19. Around 1265 and 16.25, we asked you to long Gold August contract and Silver July contract.

Use S/L of 1257 and 15.80 for Gold and Silver.

Today, the trend seems favorable in which Gold can cross 1280 while Silver can cross 16.50.

At the higher level, it is advised to book some profit in long position as next Monday-Tuesday can be slightly uncertain. From 27th June 2018 to 2nd July 2018, a considerable jump is possible


We asked you to long Copper @ 3.03 in the previous session with S/L 3.01. Today, we expect it to reach 3.07-3.08; you can book profit there and enter into short position at higher level as on Monday, we are expecting a decline.

Crude Oil

A meet is being conducted in Vienna to check if production of oil shall be increased or not. As per astrology, crude oil is destined to decline in short term. On Monday-Tuesday as well, trend seems negative. But from 27th, the value of oil shall move upward.


We asked you to book 50% profit in long position of EUR/USD @ 1.1590. Hold the remaining position for target 1.1680-1.1700.


Buy USD/INR @ 67.80 with S/L 67.50 for target 68.50-69.00.


It was advised to short dollar index @ 95. Around 94.50, book 50% profit. And hold the remaining position for target 94 this is the short-term market predictions.


We asked you to book 50% profit in long position of GBP/USD @ 1.3250. Around 1.3300, one can book full profit in GBP/USD.


A short position in USD/JPY was advised at 110.60. 50% profit booking had been advised at 110. Around 109.50, one can book 50% profit.

Bonds (US 30 YR): It is advised to short US 30 Y T-Bond at higher level.
Yield: Buy yield at lower level.

Indian Stock Market

Indian stock market shall be uncertain to bearish for short-term market predictions. In the previous session as well, market behaved weakly as predicted.

Intraday perspective: market may be mixed to positive till 11.00 HRS IST. From 11.00 to 12.00 hrs IST, downward trend is indicated. 14.00 HRS IST onwards, correction is possible.

Next Monday-Tuesday can be slightly upward but 26th onwards, a considerable decline is indicated.

Positional traders can book 50% short position in Nifty @ 10700 and Bank Nifty @ 26300-26200. They can make 50% short position on Tuesday.

We are carrying BTST in TATA STEEL @ 558 with S/L 554 for target 573, TCS @ 1821 with S/L 1805 for target 1835-1845 and TATA MOTORS with S/L 303 for target 312-315.




  • INDIA CEMENT S/L 110 TGT 105-100
  • BEML S/L 865 TGT 840-820
  • VEDANTA S/L 232 TGT 225-224
  • SHRIRAM TRANSPORT S/L 1511 TGT 1460-1450
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