Profitable Market Strategies : Global Equity and Currency Analysis


Profitable Market Strategies for 14th August: Global Equity, Precious Metals, Energy, and Currency Analysis

In the previous trading session, the US market went through a phase of profit booking. Our advised short positions on S&P500 SEPT FUT and DOW SEPT FUT proved profitable. Positional traders were also advised on put options in DOW SEPT contract.

Market volatility is expected to continue, with some weakness indicated. European markets also saw sharp profit booking. Bullion is anticipated to trade positively with gold and silver showing upward potential. Crude oil and natural gas also have promising prospects.

In currency pairs, EUR/USD is expected to move upwards while the Dollar Index may decline. We advise shorting USD/JPY and holding long positions in EUR/USD. Furthermore, the Indian stock market may see a phase of consolidation with a potential correction observed between 4th August and 28th August.

Trading Range:

  • NIFTY: 10050 – 9950 – 9900
  • BANK NIFTY: 25050 – 24800 – 24500

Technical Levels:


Support : 9900
Resistance : 10150

Bank Nifty

Support : 24500
Resistance : 25100

Buy on Dips (Intraday):



  • IDEA

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(Updated on 14th August 2012)

Courtesy: Rajeev Prakash, Director of MAA ASTRO DUNIYA PRIVATE LIMITED.

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