Market Timing Tips: AstroDunia’s Short-Term Opportunities


Market Timing Tips: AstroDunia’s Short-Term Opportunities


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Global Stock Indices

Mercury alliance with Uranus will lead to heavy volatility in the US market. It is best to avoid long positions until 12th December 2018. For making long position, wait for 12th December 2018 or you can buy 30% at CMP (S&P500@2618) and rest later around 12th. S&P500 has support at 2600-2580. If 2580 is breached then it can drop down to 2550-2520.

On 11th, decisions are awaited in the parliament over BREXIT which can also affect the market negatively. After 12th, risk-averse traders can start making the long position for a short-term perspective (until mid-Jan/Feb 2019).

Precious Metals

In this week, bullion shall be downward for Monday. At lower level (1240-1242 and 14.50), buy Gold and Silver. Next day, the decision on BREXIT will be available. Precious metals are expected to move up on Tuesday/Wednesday. On Thursday, both side trend is indicated. On Friday, trend may be negative. This downtrend may continue on 17th December as well. On 19th, it is the FOMC and so, anytime from 18th, bullion may enter into a considerable uptrend.

Gold has resistance at 1262 and support at 1238.

Gold may drop down to 1242-1240 while Silver may drop down to 14.50-14.40 in today’s session.

Day traders may short Gold with S/L 1262 and Silver with S/L 14.80.

Energy Products


Crude shall be trading sideways for the day. Around 52, long 50% crude. Around 51, buy the remaining position.

On Tuesday-Thursday, the uptrend is indicated. Profit booking is possible on Friday. Next Monday, trend may be negative.

From a medium-term perspective, you can long oil with S/L 49 for target 65 (until mid-Jan 2019).


NG has hurdle at 4.80. At higher level, short NG.

Currency Pairs


In this week, EUR/USD may cross 1.1500. Hence, stay long in EUR/USD. Around 1.1350, add long in EUR/USD.


Long GBP/USD at lower level with S/L 1.2600 for target 1.2800 or higher.


USD/JPY can drop down to 111.50 or lower. Hold short position in USD/JPY and add short around 113.


Book 50% profit in USD/INR @ 71.40. In this week, it may cross 72.00. Hold remaining position for target above 72.00.


Hold dollar index for target 96-95.50 in this week.

market timing tips : US Treasury Bonds

US 30 Year T-Bond:

In this week, US 30 Y T-Bond can move up to 145. With S/L of 142, long US 30 Y T-Bond at lower level.


Hold short position in yield. US 30 Y Yield can drop down to 3.00 while US 10 Y Yield can drop down to 2.75 or lower.

market timing tips : CRYPTO-CURRENCY

In medium term, BTC/USD can drop down to 2500. Hence, avoid buying at CMP. Positional traders can buy BTC/USD around 2500 for long term uptrend. It will again move to higher levels.

Indian Stock Market

Indian market is going to observe the effect of elections. The result of counting will be made public tomorrow. The reaction of market will be observed on Wednesday. A considerable dip is possible. Hence, avoid long positions until 12th December 2018.

We published our astrological analysis on the on-going state elections across three of the five states. These three states are currently ruled by BJP. The exit polls are more in favor of Congress which supports our prediction on the election.

As per our view, there are two possibilities. First possibility is Congress may come to power in MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. The second possibility is Congress may come in power in Rajasthan and face tough competition in Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh to form the government.  In Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh, it could be a very tough result in which BJP as well as Congress may not have sufficient votes to make the government and rely on some coalition arrangement. If this happens then money will be the qualifying factor for coalition.  Yet, as per astrology, the horoscope of INC is stronger at the moment.

Risk-averse traders should wait for 12th to enter into long position. From 12th, market will enter bullish trend for medium term. They can also buy put options in SBI, ICICI, Nifty, Bank Nifty and Reliance Industries. Last Friday, we asked our clients to buy put options.

Intraday perspective:

There could be a deviation of +/- 10 minutes.

Gap down opening is indicated. From 10.00 to 11.00 HRS, recovery is possible. From 11.00 to 13.00 HRS, the downtrend is possible. From 13.00 to 14.00 HRS, a bounce-back is possible. From 14.00 HRS to closing, mixed to downward trend is expected.

SELL at higher level:

  • SBI


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