Global Equity Indices: Market Volatility and Predictions for US


Global Equity Indices: Navigating Market Volatility

Stay ahead of market volatility with AstroDunia’s insights into global equity indices. Today, the market is expected to be highly volatile, with markets in the UK, France, and Hong Kong closed. In the US market, a turnaround is anticipated after hitting lows, and the next day may see a positive opening in Asian markets.

Today, S&P500, DOW, and NASDAQ witnessed lows, indicating a potential recovery. Astrologically, stocks are predicted to reverse from the mid-session of the US market and remain positive for the next two days. This presents an opportunity for investors to long indices and stocks, with S&P500 potentially crossing 2450 in the next two sessions.

Precious Metals: Optimizing Investment Strategies

Bullion is expected to remain positive until the next session, with potential profit booking on Friday. Gold and Silver may see upward movement, offering opportunities for investors to book profits at higher levels.

Industrial Metals: Seizing Opportunities

Long positions in Copper are recommended at the current market price for a target of 2.75 within 1-2 days, with a stop loss at 2.60.

Energy Products: Riding the Upward Trend

Crude Oil: A recovery in crude oil is anticipated, with an overall upward trend until January 14, 2019. Investors are advised to go long at the current market price.

Natural Gas: Recovery is indicated for Natural Gas, with a recommended long position and a stop loss at 3.38.

Currency Pairs: Leveraging Forex Opportunities

Various currency pairs present trading opportunities:

  • EUR/USD: Expected to remain upward with a target of 1.1480.
  • GBP/USD: Anticipated to move up to 1.2750 or higher.
  • USD/JPY: Recommended to go long with a stop loss at 110.00 for a target of 111.40.
  • USD/INR: Positional traders can long USD/INR at 69.80 for a target of 71.
  • Dollar Index: Profit booking suggested at around 95.75, followed by a long position.

US Treasury Bonds: Capitalizing on Bond Market Trends

Short positions in US 30 Year T-Bond are recommended, with potential long positions in yield (US 10 Y Yield and US 30 Y Yield) at lower levels.

Indian Stock Market: Navigating Volatility

The Indian stock market is expected to be highly volatile, with a mixed-to-positive trend after 12.00 HRS. Positional traders can consider long positions in Nifty and Bank Nifty for the next two sessions.

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