Financial Astrology Market Outlook: US and Indian Stocks


Financial Astrology Market Outlook

Gain insights into the financial astrology market outlook for US and Indian stocks, precious metals, and industrial metals. Stay informed to seize profitable trading opportunities.

US Stocks

In the previous week, the US market closed with slight positivity. Today’s Mercury retrograde will play a crucial role in determining the trend for the next two days. If the trend remains positive by Tuesday, we anticipate continued higher trading with some volatility until October 18, 2021. Conversely, if the trend turns negative by Tuesday, we expect lower trading with volatility during the same period. Keep a close watch on technical levels for S&P500, DOW, NASDAQ, and RUSSELL indices.

Indian Stocks

As Mercury turns retrograde today, closely monitor the trend over the next two days. A positive trend could indicate an uptrend with volatility till October 18, 2021, while a negative trend may lead to a downtrend with volatility during the same period. Additionally, today’s Rohini nakshatra suggests a positive market outlook for the day. Pay attention to technical levels for Nifty and Bank Nifty indices.

Precious Metals

Gold and Silver are anticipated to experience ups and downs this week with indicated uncertainty. However, starting October 1, 2021, an uptrend with volatility is likely. We recommend long positions in Gold and Silver at dips, with stop loss levels set at 1740 and 22.20, respectively.

Industrial Metals

Copper is expected to perform positively in October 2021. Accumulate long positions at dips, with support levels at 4.17 and resistance at 4.50 or higher. Stay informed with financial astrology insights to navigate the market effectively.


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