Market Analysis: Global Equities and Indian Stock Market Forecast


Indian Stock Market Forecast

Gain valuable insights into the market trends with our comprehensive analysis covering global equities, precious metals, and Indian stock market forecasts. Stay ahead of the curve with expert guidance for short-term trading opportunities.

Global Stock Indices
After a post-FOMC announcement surge, the market is anticipated to experience a range-bound movement today, followed by a downward trend from the next session onwards. Short positions are advised for DOW, S&P500, NASDAQ, and RUSSELL futures contracts. S&P500 may witness a decline to 2630 or lower in the coming week.
Precious Metals
The bullish trend in bullion has ended, with Gold and Silver expected to decline to 1280 and 15.40-15.00 respectively. Short positions are recommended at specified levels.
Industrial Metals
Short positions are advised for Copper at higher levels.
Energy Products
Crude Oil: Short positions recommended at higher levels.
Natural Gas: Long positions advised at lower levels.
EUR/USD: Book full profit at specified levels and initiate short positions.
GBP/USD: Partial profit booking suggested with remaining positions for target.
USD/JPY: Profit booking advised at specified levels with partial long positions.
USD/INR: Long positions recommended at lower levels.
Dollar Index: Full profit booking at specified level followed by long positions.
US Treasury Bonds
US 30 Year T-Bond: Partial profit booking recommended.
Yield: Profit booking advised at specified levels followed by short positions.
Indian Stock Market Forecast
Indian market expected to be highly volatile with a positive closing today. However, caution is advised ahead of the budget announcement, with heavy volatility anticipated thereafter. Short positions recommended for Nifty and Bank Nifty futures contracts.

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