Upcoming trend for Bullion and Treasury Bonds

Trend in Bullion

As expected, Mars transition into Aries navmansha led to trend change in bullion.

Today onwards, bullion is bullish for the entire week. Weekly closing can be around ####-#### for Gold.

At intraday perspective, Gold and Silver are bullish. The top will be made around 6 PM IST. Closing shall be positive. Next day, profit booking may be observed. On 17th and 18th, trend shall be again bullish.

Weekly closing shall be bullish.

What’s next in treasury bonds??

Weekly low of bonds has been made in the previous trading session. It shall move up today. Next day, slight profit booking is anticipated.

On Thursday-Friday, upward trend is indicated. You are advised to long bonds at current market price and follow the strategy adopted under precious metals. Weekly closing of bonds shall be at higher level.

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