Trend to reverse in equities tonight

Global Stock Indices

Stock market shall continue to be positive for the day. After mid-session / in the last 1 hour of trading, global equities shall start declining. Monday onwards, a sharp correction shall be initialized.  This shall continue till 28th / 29th December 2014.

The positivity which has come; was actually unexpected. We are surprised of the super bullish trend that was observed last day. However, it is sure to drop once again.

Before US closes tonight, you are advised to close long position and buy PUT OPTION 2040 (S&p500), hold for next week.

In global equities as well, around closing hours, you can either buy put options or make short position in respective indices.

We feel that the kind of positivity which was observed last day, with that very intensity, it shall decline in next week (especially from Monday).

Around Asian opening hours of Monday, a financially bad news may arise, which would lead the markets to drop.


Any time by Monday’s morning, bullion can have a positive move. Bullion shall be bullish till 12th FEBRUARY 2014 (with volatility). S/L for long position in GOLD: 1,180; SILVER: 15.40.



Indian market shall open positive.

From 10.30-12.30 HRS IST, correction is expected. And then onwards, it shall trade positive.

After 15.00 HRS IST, it shall again correct.

Monday onwards, a big correction is expected. NIFTY  FUT, BANK NIFTY can again drop to 8,000; 18,000 respectively or coming days.

8,200 shall be a hurdle for NIFTY FUT. We don’t see NIFTY FUT crossing this hurdle.

You are advised to make short position in Indian market at closing hour or buy PUT OPTIONS for BANK NIFTY TGT 18,000(JAN) & NIFTY FUT TGT 8,100 (JAN).

ALERT: Traders should remember that up-to 31st December 2014, market shall be highly volatile. Both side gigantic move shall be seen. And hence, you are advised to trade with caution as bull and bear planets are moving together.

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