Trend Reversal Day Happened – What is next?

Global Equity Indices

Yesterday, it was our trend reversal day of equities for the year 2016.  S&P500 made a low of 2258. Day traders are advised to book profit and if 2256 is breached then one may re-enter into short position. As per astrology, the period until 31st December 2016 shall be bearish for equities. Owing to Uranus, a sudden fall may be visible in a single day. Intraday traders can long S&P500 FUT with strict S/L 2255 for target 2262-2266. This is entirely a technical call as originally, we are in a positional negative view.

As long as 2278 is not crossed, it can drop to 2180. Similarly, DOW FUT has a major hurdle at 20000. In the coming days, a fall of 500-700 points is anticipated in DOW FUT.


The bottom of gold and silver (1124 and 15.60) were made on Tuesday. Here onwards, bullish signal is activated for Gold as well as silver.

Today post US opening, positivity shall increase in gold and silver. Next day seems to be bullish.


Copper shall follow the trend in bullion.



Crude oil shall be bullish for today and next day.


NG traded as per our prediction. It shall decline post inventory data. For once, it is  advised to book profit in NG at 3.57-3.58.


Hold long position in EUR/USD.


Buy USD/INR at lower levels. Positional traders shall hold USD/INR for a big breakout owing to Uranus.


The top of dollar index has also been made. It is expected to decline with volatility.


Positional traders can short 50% position in USD-JPY with S/L 119.10 and rest when it breaches 116.00. The target until March 2017 is 105.00.

US Treasury Bonds

The top for US Treasury Bonds Yield has also been made. Here onwards, treasury yield shall be experience regular declining trend.


US 10 YR TREASURY: 2.56-2.48

US 30 YR TREASURY: 3.14-3.05


Indian market shall open at lower level.  Volatile to bearish trend is indicated. Uranus shall turn direct on 26th. The effect has  already started from 20th December 2016. By the year end, Uranus can lead to sudden decline. A serious gap down opening is possible. It is advised to avoid long position in the closing hour until year-end. Rather, one may have small quantity of short position around closing.

If Nifty breaks 8000 then it can drop to 7900 or lower. Similarly if Bank Nifty breaks 17900 then it can drop by a significant portion.


NIFTY FUT: 8140-7980

BANK NIFTY: 18300-17800

You can buy put options in PSU banking stocks.

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