Trend Reversal as Said for Bullion


  • As said in last day’s newsletter, trend reversal was observed in bullion. For today as well, market shall be positive.
  • After 21.30-22.00 HRS (IST), if bullion experiences correction then you should be careful. You can cut your long position in that case.
  • However, from next week, bullion shall have an upward rally, which shall continue till 1st week of November 2013. In this time frame, Gold can cross 1,420 while Silver can cross 25.00.
  • The low made day before yesterday (1,282 -GOLD & 20.55 -SILVER) shouldn’t be breached.

Our clients in MCX have long position in silver (@46,900) and gold (@28,900) and Crude (@6,370).

When should profit be booked?


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