Trading Range for Bullion, Oil and Base Metals

Today (8th August 2012), bullion is expected to be highly volatile but slight positive. Overall, Silver is bullish till Friday.
Gold to follow the trend in silver.
Crude Oil is highly bullish with volatility till Friday. Bullishness in crude oil to continue next week as well. Possible target of crude : $96-98/bbl any time till NEXT WEEK .
All, global markets also positive this week.
Last Friday, my forecast for crude oil to cross $93/bbl was achieved yesterday. Moreover, Silver also touched our target of 28.20 yesterday.
Gold touched 1618 yesterday. S&P, EUR/USD, USD/INR, DOLLAR INDEX Targets were also achieved yesterday.

Trading Range till Friday:
Dollar Index: 82.60-81.80
EUR/USD : 1.2362-1.2440-1.2500 (If sustains at 1.25000 then can also go up to 1.2550-1.2560)
Silver: 27.50-29.00-30.00
Gold: 1600-1629-1640
USD/INR: 55.62-54.80
S&P: 1390-1405-1420
Crude Oil: 93-95-96
Copper and all base metals – bullish with volatility till Friday.

-Rajeev Prakash Agarwal is an Indian astrologer who tracks the global stock and commodity markets for his clients across the globe.
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