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Planetary conditions this week:

Moon shall be in Scorpio-Sagittarius-Capricorn for the week. On 26th, Venus will move from Scorpio to Libra. On 22nd, Neptune will turn from retrograde to direct. As per astrology, there is a high chance of natural or man-made disaster or geopolitical unrest in next 2 weeks. This may impact the global markets along with Indian market. Inflation would soar.

Global Equity Indices

Stock market is in overall bearish zone till 11th December 2017. With ups and downs, the overall trend is weak. Anytime soon, considerable fall is possible. In the last week, Monday to Wednesday proved to be negative. S&P500 made a low of 2556. On Thursday-Friday, reversal was observed wherein S&P500 Dec contract made a high of 2586 and closed at 2576.

In this week, similar trend is expected; Monday to Wednesday shall be weak / negative. S&P500 can drop to 2555 or lower in the initial part of this week.

On Thursday-Friday, a reversal is possible.

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Bullion went through a breakout in the last session. Gold made a high of 1294 while Silver made a high of 17.30. In this week as well, we are bullish in precious metals.

1278 is a major support while 1299 is major resistance for Gold. 16.80 is a major support while 17.45 is a major resistance for Silver.

If Gold crosses 1299 then it opens door to 1335-1350.

If Silver crosses 17.45 then it opens door to 17.75-18.20.

In this week, trend is bullish till Wednesday.

On Thursday-Friday, profit booking is possible.


Copper and other base metals shall be overall negative in this week. Monday to Wednesday, trend is  weak. Thursday to Friday, recovery is possible.

In next week, base metals are set to go through a sharp selling.


Crude made a high of 56.70 last Friday. In this week, Monday to Wednesday is negative. On Wednesday, recovery may start from lower levels which may continue towards positivity on Thursday-Friday.


NG shall be mixed to positive for the day. 3.00 is a major support for NG. 3.22 is a major resistance.  With S/L of 3.00, long NG at lower levels.


EUR/USD shall move up. It is advised to long 50% EUR/USD at current market price with S/L 1.1640 for target 1.1850.


USD/INR made a low of 64.60 and closed at 65.00 last Friday. We advised you to buy USD/INR @ 64.70.   In the current week, it’ll cross 65.50. With S/L of 64.40, hold long position in USD/INR.

Around 65.20, you may book 50% profit in long position.


Short dollar index @ 94.00. In this week, it may drop to 93.00.


Short USD/JPY @ 112.40-112.50 for target 111.50-111.00.

US Treasury Bonds Yield

Yield shall be negative till Wednesday. On Thursday-Friday, recovery is possible. It is advised to hold short position.


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