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Global Equity Indices

Today, it is the job announcement which might mean highly volatile trend through we anticipate a supportive state for markets until Monday.

You can accumulate long position in S&P500  around 2140-45 or build short position around 2160-2165 – whichever comes first.

After 11th, a sharp decline shall be observed which will drive S&P500 down to 2100 or lower.

Heng Seng shall be closed on Monday.

Precious Metals

Bullion shall move up for the day but due to job announcement data, we aren’t very sure.

Use S/L of 1242 and 17.10 for GOLD and SILVER respectively.

Last Monday, Mars moved to debilitated sign Cancer, which built a pressure in precious metals. Mars shall exit from Cancer next day.

Hence, next Monday and Tuesday shall turn positive.

Around early morning, Sun changed in navmanasha and moved to Cancer with Mars – this might make the conditions supportive for price of gold and silver.

Avoid trading without stop loss.


Crude oil shall be supportive until next Monday / Tuesday. On the higher side, it has potentials to move to 51-52. After 11th October 2016, a sharp fall shall be observed in crude which may force it to breach 43 by Oct-end.

Maintain “sell on rise” strategy for crude oil.



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