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Jun 18 2014

18th June 2014: Coming up bullish cycle for bullion

Daily Newsletter (18th June 2014) Stock Markets Around the globe Next morning, Jupiter shall enter in exalted sign Cancer. Next one year shall be a bull-cycle for bullion. Saturn is already running in exalted sign Libra. Rahu shall enter in exalted sign Virgo on 15th July 2014. These 3 big planets are in exalted sign. …

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May 14 2014

Newsletter sent this morning

Here’s a copy of newsletter that was sent to our clients this morning. Scorpio Moon shall be a reason of uncertainty in market for 15th and 16th May 2014. Stock Markets Around the globe Today, Asian market shall go up. Again, profit booking is expected in second half of the Asian market. Same trend shall …

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Mar 03 2014

The fate of precious metals and global stock indexes for March 2014

Sent on Monday, March 3, 2014 Stock Markets around the Globe Planetary position this week: -Mars and Saturn have retrograde on 1st March 2014 -Saturn, Mars and Rahu in retrogression mode in Libra zodiac. -Last week, we had mentioned that some military action / terrorist activity would develop. As said, UKRAINE’s problem has come to …

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Dec 09 2013

Financial Astrology for 9th DECEMBER 2013

To subscribe to our membership (daily & weekly newsletter, live trading calls / signals), contact +91-9669919000 / +91-731-4040289 / +91-9301717647 or e-mail: astrodunia@gmail.com ———- PREDICTIONS ON BASIS OF FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY AND TECHNICAL ANALYSIS PRECIOUS METALS: Today, profit booking shall be seen in precious metals around US hour(s). However, overall trend for Tuesday and Wednesday shall …

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Jul 28 2013

Weekly Newsletter: Details ONLY for MEMBERS

Global Stock Indices:                              The conjunction of Saturn and Sun shall continue this week. Sun is under “Ashlesha” and Jupiter is under “Adra” nakshtra (in Capricorn Navamansha).  Jupiter shall enter in Aquarius navmansha on 30th July 2013. Saturn, Rahu shall continue under “Swati” nakshatra. The first half of week, stock market shall be volatile (with …

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Jul 24 2013

A part of letter sent in morning! Accuracy at its best

PRECIOUS METALS: Today, Mercury shall enter in “Punarvasu”nakshatra. Gold and Silver are expected to decline from today’s US hours, which could continue with volatility till Monday. Gold could re-test 1,270 & below while Silver could re-test 19.25 & below. It is recommended to short bullion on higher level (with s/l 1362 for Gold & 21.05 …

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Jul 22 2013

A part of the weekly newsletter

Excerpt from the current weekly newsletter that was sent on Sunday (around 22.30 HRS IST). We expect positive trend in bullion till Wednesday. A sharp upward move is indicated for Tuesday. This shall continue till Wednesday. As far as astrology is concerned, Gold could cross 1,305 and then may go up to 1,320-1,330 while Silver …

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Jul 16 2013

Indian Stock Market to have gap down opening

Global Stock Indices: Today, Sun shall change zodiac sign (it’ll move from Gemini to Cancer). Today, Asian market shall be volatile to weak in first half however in second half, it shall be positive. Today, you can make long positions in global markets at lower level. Tomorrow, we expect the market to be positive.   …

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Apr 18 2013

What’s next in global stock markets, commodities, currencies…

Global Stock Indices: Today, Asian market shall have gap down opening. Some recovery is possible in second half. Tomorrow, Asian opening is expected to be positive. UK market is expected to continue in weakness for today as well. However, some recovery is possible from lower levels. Some recovery is indicated for US market as well. …

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Apr 11 2013

S&P500, Gold Prediction in April 2013

WE WISH YOU A HAPPY “NEW YEAR” -Vikram Samwat 2070!!! NOTE:  Our Contact No. +91-9669919000 is again in service. If you shall have any queries, you can call us on +91-9669919000, +91-9301717647, +91-731-4227354. Global Stock Indices: Today, Asian market shall open positive. Some profit booking could be observed around closing hours. Astrologically, tomorrow is a …

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