Stock market and bullion for 8th July 2015


Last day, stock & commodities market experienced sharp fall. We had recommended buying S&P500 and target of 2070 was achieved last night. We hope you had booked profit.

This volatility in market shall continue till 15th July 2015.

US market may try to move up but again next day seems to be negative for the American market.

Asian markets can experience a fall next day.

European markets shall continue in uncertainty for the day.


Bullion witnessed a haphazard correction which made lows of 1148 for Gold & 14.60 for Silver. This seems a depressing indication. However, today & next day shall be supportive for bullion. As per astrology, 10.00-16.00 HRS (IST) and 20.00 HRS (IST) to closing, bullion can have positive trend. This positivity shall continue for next day as well.


From 10.40 to 14.20 HRS IST & 21.00 HRS IST to closing shall be positive time periods for bullion.

If Gold sustains above 1175, you  can accumulate more of long position.


Copper shall follow the trend in bullion.

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