The Saga Of Stock Market This Week And Ahead

In this week, Moon shall be in Pisces-Aries-Taurus. On 27th, it is the full moon day and on 29th, Mercury will move from Virgo to Libra.

15th October 2015’s newsletter mentioned that on 17th, Sun will enter Libra and this will shift up the price of everyday commodities. Price of pulses went up by a great fraction and has resulted into a storm in India forcing the Indian government to take actions to limit its price. This inflation may continue to rise for some time. In month of November, inflation shall be at highs. We had also mentioned that some natural disaster may come up – Mexico has witnessed Hurricane Patricia. In November as well, such incidents may be repeated which may lead to loss of life and property unfortunately.

Global Stock Indices

In last week, we recommended you to long S&P 500 DEC FUT at 2015. On Friday, it made a high of 2074. It closed at 2065.

On Monday, S&P500 shall trade in positive direction. However, it is difficult to say if it may encounter profit booking around closing.  On the higher end, S&P500 Fut can move up to 2080-2100.

On Tuesday, stock indices shall be weak.

On 28th and 29th as well, equities shall be weak.

On 30th, recovery shall be observed from lower levels.

Positional traders are advised to be alert after 26th as Venus is about to move to debilitated sign Virgo on 3rd November 2015 till 29th November 2015.

At the end of month, Mars shall move from Leo to Virgo.

For the last 10 years whenever Venus was in Virgo, it gave the stock market a negative shift.

If we see the period from 2008 to 2014, Venus was in Virgo – market declined by 3 to 8%.

The below mentioned dates cover the period that was governed by Venus in Virgo and have witnessed decline by over 3 to 8 percent.

2009 9th Oct to 2nd November
2010 31st July to 31st August
2011 9th September to 3rd October
2012 22nd Oct to 16th November
2013 11th Aug to 5th Sept
2014 24th Sept to 18th Oct
2015 3rd November to 29th November
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It is felt that in 2015, market may decline by 4 to 8 percent.  Venus represents Money and whenever it enters a debilitated sign like Virgo, financial scams / negative news may be observed.

On 28th October, it is the FOMC meeting- it will be interesting to observe if the reason of fall develops from this crucial financial event.

In the first half of November 2015, a financial scam may be opened up which may bring a considerable decline in the stock market.

It is advisable to stay alert with long position.

A fall may be seen any time.

In next week (from 2nd to 6th November 2015), market shall be more bearish. S&P 500 FUT may drop below 1950 in this time period.

Today, S&P500 can move up to 2065-2070. Next day, market is expected to decline. On Wednesday and Thursday, declining trend is expected. On Friday, market may witness recovery.

Next week shall be more bearish.


Between 28th and 30th, S&P500 DEC FUT can witness a considerable fall. On 27th as well, weakness is expected.


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