Predictions for 24th to 28th February 2014 {Stock, Commodity Astrology}

#Stock Markets around the Globe
Planetary conditions for this week:
– Mercury shall be in direct motion on 28th Feb 2014 (at 20.40 HRS IST).
– Mars shall retrograde on 1st March 2014
– Saturn shall retrograde on 2nd March 2014
Global stock markets shall be weak on Monday.
However, between Tuesday and Thursday, somewhat positive trend shall be observed. It should be noted that volatility shall be high.
Overall positive trend shall be seen around 25th – 27th Feb 2014.
From 28th Feb 2014 – 4th March 2014, a sharp correction is expected in global markets that may force S&P500 to drop below 1,800.
For the current week, upper level for S&P500 shall be 1,840-1,845.
You are advised to make short position in stock indices on Thursday at higher level(s).
On Monday, BUY S&P500 around 1,815-1,830 and then short around 1,845-1,840. It should be noted that trend is overall positive till 27th Feb 2014.
From 28th Feb 2014, any time, a sharp correction shall be seen owing to Saturn and Mars retrogression on 2nd and 1st March 2014. This retrogression may influence natural or man-made disaster, which would force stocks to decline.

The trend is expected to be weak for Monday.
Around late US hours, some recovery is indicated for American market.
At lower levels, you are advised to BUY S&P500.

Bullion is expected to trade bullish between 24th and 27th Feb 2014. A major upward trend shall be seen in Silver. In this jump, Silver could go up to 22.50-23.50 while Gold could go up to 1,365-1,375.
Between 28th Feb and 4th March 2014, a sharp fall is indicated in price of bullion. In this time, GOLD and SILVER may encounter a fall of 8 to 10 %.
Hence, you are recommended to make short position in bullion on 27th / 28th (For details, wait for Thursday’s letter).
Monday’s view:
Bullion shall trade range bound to positive. Opening could be slightly weak.
After UK opening, bullishness shall be observed up to US opening.
And then, volatile trend shall be observed.
However, please be notified that a significant rise shall be seen on 25th and 26th Feb 2014. This bullish trend shall continue till 27th Feb 2014.
From 28th Feb 2014, the trend shall change as mentioned previously.

In this week, EUR/USD shall go up to 1.3780-1.3790.
Between Friday and 4th March 2014, a sharp fall shall be observed in EUR/USD. EUR/USD could break 1.3500 in the said time frame.


Weekly Range: 61.80-62.40

Between Friday and 4th March 2014, USD/INR shall cross 62.80.


Dollar Index is expected to go up to 79.90 / 79.80 by Thursday.
Between Friday and 4th March 2014, Dollar Index may cross 81.00.

-EUR/USD: 1.3750-1.3690
-USD/INR: 61.90-62.30

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