Part of newsletter: 3rd June 2016: Prediction on non-farm payroll announcement

Here’s a part of the newsletter sent this morning (3rd June 2016)


It is going to be a big surprising day for the stock market. S&P500 FUT shall experience a sharp correction after the non-farm payroll announcement. On the lower side, S&P500 FUT can drop to 2070-2060. And then a recovery of 5-10 points is anticipated.

On 6th and 7th, market shall be in a limited range.

On 8th, declining trend is expected.

On 10th, sharp correction is observed.

Bottom shall be made around 17th June 2016 – in this time frame, S&P500 FUT can drop to 1950 or lower.

On 17th, market will take a sharp U turn after making a low.

S&P500 FUT made a low of 2087 last day and reversed.

You can short S&p500 FUT either around 2105 or before US job data announcement.

European market shall also close negative today.

TODAY’S TRADING RANGE: * June contract

  • DOW (FUT): 17860-17650
  • S&P 500 (FUT): 2105-2065
  • NASDAQ (FUT): 4540-4470
  • FTSE (FUT): 6230-6150
  • CAC(FUT): 4490-4420
  • DAX(JUN FUT): 10350-10120
  • AEX(FUT): 451-442
  • HENG SENG(FUT): 20650-20350


Bullion shall experience a highly positive move today. Before the non-farm payroll announcement, you are advised to long GOLD and SILVER.

In next week, positive trend is anticipated.


  • GOLD: 1205-1240
  • SILVER:15.90-16.40


Crude oil made a low of 48.00 in the previous trading session. After the non-farm payroll announcement, a sharp correction is expected. Around 49.20-49.50, you can short crude oil for target 47.00.


NG has a major hurdle at 2.45. Anytime, a considerable fall may be seen in price of natural gas. In coming days, it may drop to 2.15 once again.

You can short NG around 2.41-2.42.


  • CRUDE:49.60-47.00 & BELOW
  • NG: 2.42-2.36

US Treasury Bonds

Hold long position in US 30 YR and US 10 YR treasury bonds for target 2.52 and 1.75.


  • US 10 YEAR: 1.83-1.75
  • US 30 YEAR: 2.61-2.52
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