Prediction on Gujarat election turns out to be accurate & the profit in short position

Our prediction on Gujarat election turned out to be accurate. The prior exit polls back then didn’t match with our astrological analysis. Most of the polls showed Narendra Modi / BJP with a one-sided victory while we predicted that BJP would win the Gujarat elections but with a lower number of seats than that anticipated by the media. BJP won 99 seats while INC won 80 seats.
In 2019, Narendra Modi Ji will be again in power at the central government. However, if you consider astrology; BJP would form the government but its seat count in Lok Sabha may drop by 50-60. Most of the damage might come from UP / Hindi speaking states. This would be compensated by better performance in South India.

The Indian budget is supposed to be declared in February 2018. We anticipate a very strong budget that might take corrective measures for improvement in the long run. You could experience a revolution like demonetization or GST with the new budget; which would definitely boost the economy in long-term but have negative reaction amongst the common people in short term.

Indian Stock Market

Last Friday, we had STBT position in NIFTY @10380, BANK NIFTY @25500, SBI @ 318, BANK OF BARODA @168, TATA STEEL and DLF @ 236 (which was covered @ 222). At Monday’s opening, it was advised to cover the short position and hence, we made a very considerable profit for our clients.  On Friday, we also bought Put Options in TATA STEEL @ 17.00 (which was covered @ 27.00).



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