Prediction on the Brexit issue and its after-effects on global and Indian market


Today, it is the brexit issue’s result. Markets will undergo big moves owing to this important key.

As per astrology, Britain shall remain in EU but this result will be led by very less number of votes. This will impact the market in following way: After UK opening, stocks will undergo hammering i.e. seriously declining trend. This negativity shall last until Monday.

From Tuesday, equities shall turn positive.

S&P500 made a high of 2119 in the previous trading session and low of 2050 today.

50% profit in short position (from 2100) was booked at 2062. Today, market is not expected to cross the level of 2119.

It shall again drop to 2060.

If 2090-2095 is seen, you can short again with S/L 2120. Today, Asian and European market shall close in negative direction. On Monday, Asian market can open negative.

TODAY’S TRADING RANGE: * Sept contract

– DOW (FUT): 17900-17520

– S&P 500 (FUT): 2095-2058

– NASDAQ (FUT): 4480-4350

– FTSE (FUT): 6250-5950

– CAC(JUL FUT): 4510-4400

– DAX(FUT): 10300-9950

– AEX(JUL FUT): 455-435

– HENG SENG(JUN FUT):21000-20500


Today, Gold made a low of 1251 and high of 1287.

The position we bought at 1265 had been booked (50%) at 1282. From here onwards, Gold will move up.

We had asked you to long Silver at 17.20 – it’s 50% position has been booked at 17.50.

Today or in next week, Gold shall cross 1300 while Silver can go up to 17.80-18.20.

In next week, Gold and Silver are bullish.


– GOLD (AUG): 1261-1288+

– SILVER:17.25-17.70


Copper and other base metals shall be in declining mode. Sell Copper and base metals on rise.


– COPPER: 2.16-2.13



We asked you to short crude oil at 49.90 – 50% has been booked at 48.50.  You can add short position in oil around 49.90 for target 48.50.


We asked you to short NG around 2.75 – 50% of this position was booked at 2.62.

It is still recommended to “sell” NG on rise. By 8th July 2016, it can drop to 2.45.


Mr Rajeev Prakash Agarwal shall be in Mumbai for 25th and 26th June 2016. He shall be available for personal astrological consultancy as well as in context with financial markets / financial astrology. You may book an appointment by sending an e-mail to or PHONE call on +91-9669919000, +91-9111411890.

Indian stock market

Indian market shall experience big moves for the day.

In the closing hour, declining trend may be observed.

At last day’s closing hour, we asked you to short Nifty and Bank Nifty. It is advised to book 50% profit around 8200 and 17,500 respectively.

On Monday as well, trend shall remain negative.


NIFTY FUT: 8330-8180

BANK NIFTY: 17950-17500


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