Non-farm pay roll result as predicted in morning’s letter

Here’s a part of the letter we sent in morning (08.00 HRS IST)

Here’s a part of the letter sent in morning:

We had clearly said that “NON-FARM PAY ROLL DATA” should be negative for stock market and positive for bullion!

Global Stock Indices:

Today, the stock market is expected to be highly volatile to bearish.

Today, non farm pay rolls data shall come. We expect the non-farm payroll data to be unfavorable for the stock market. A sharp fall could be seen in US markets due to the non-farm payroll data.

Our prediction made last day on ECB’s interest hold turned out to be correct.

On Monday, Asia could open in negative bias.

Hold short in S&P500 with S/L 1,573.

Precious & Industrial Metals:

Today, Gold and Silver are highly volatile. Yesterday, we mentioned that a bounce back was expected in Bullion and the same happened.

This is the “perfect” level (1,540-1,541;GOLD & 26.50-26.70;SILVER) to make long position.

Positional investors can buy 50% positions in bullion here and hold till April end.

The s/l must be 1,524 & 25.50 respectively for Gold and Silver.

Good rise in bullion shall be seen from US hours (owing to the “NON-FARM PAY ROLL DATA”).

Today, highly volatile trend is expected in Copper and base metals.

Mix trend shall be observed. However, overall outlook is negative.

Sell Base metals and Copper on rise.

Next  week shall be overall positive for Bullion.


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