Market on 24th March 2017

Global Stock Indices

S&P500 FUT made a high of 2356 in the previous trading session. Today, US market shall open positive

and close negative. In next week, there’s a considerable downside risk. The top of market has been made and here onwards, it shall start to decline. Positional traders were advised to long VIX, yesterday. If you haven’t yet bought them, please do so for a huge return on investment. Or you can buy put option for target of ???? (June contract). Around 2350, you may build 50% short position and around ????, build rest position. You can buy put options in DAX for target ????? (June contract). You may also enter into short position in Heng Seng and hold for next week.

In the previous week, we had advised you to short in major banking stocks such as Bank of America which went down by a reasonable value in the meantime. US banking stocks shall continue in negativity for next week.

Indian stock market

Indian stock market shall be volatile for the day. In next week, a big correction is being anticipated.



Bullion shall be slightly negative till 18.00 HRS IST.

You may buy 50% position there itself and rest on

Monday. Next week seems to be bullish.


Crude oil shall be negative in next week.

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