Long following US Stocks for move of 20%+

Sun and Saturn shall start to be close from today. On 30th November 2015, the complete conjunction of Sun-Saturn shall be formed.
Last day as well, we had mentioned that this may give rise to geopolitical tension. Turkey and Russia have landed up in a serious conflict. By 30th November 2015, there may be a serious tension across geopolitical boundaries that may directly or indirectly affect market.
S&P500 FUT may move up for some time but closing for the day shall be bearish.
Intraday traders can make short position in indices at higher levels.

On Friday, market shall open negative and then experience a strong recovery.
Short term traders can short S&P500 DEC FUT around 2092 for target 2070-2065.
You can also long 1-800FLOWERS.COM (FLWS) for a short term profit of 20 to 30 percent.
You can make long position in US for following stocks:
Market shall trade in bullish pattern for next week. We aren’t very clear about the view on Monday but next weekly closing is expected to be positive in which S&P500 may shoot up to 2135.


Gold made a high of 1080 in the last trading session. For today, trend is expected to be positive.

After US opening, downward trend may be observed and remain weak till next day.

Around 1082-1086, you can short GOLD for target 1065 by next day / Friday opening. Around 14.40-14.50, you can short SILVER for target 14.00 by next day / Friday opening.

Stop loss for short position: 1096 (GOLD), 14.55 (SILVER).

As per astrology, bullion shall be positive till 20.00 HRS (IST = GMT + 5.30 HRS) and then turn negative.

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