Mr. Rajeev Prakash Agarwal is a renowned astrologer in India with an expertise in personal astrology since more than 15 years. He has a past experience of 5+ years in financial astrology. Presently, he is tracking the stock market, commodity market at ASTRODUNIA .

He is famous for predicting the sharp market fall in January 2008.

He has an expertise of astrology since 15 years.He is predicting the indian stock market & commodity market since more than 5 years on his famous web site . Moreover, he is a renowned astrologer in India and the chief astrologer of . He has been researching on astrology since a long time and has come up with exhaustive reseach on modane astrology, astrology on spot, astrology of financial market & personal astrology in details. Also he was the one who prodicted the down circuits in the year 2008 (Indian Stock Market). He tracks NSE, BSE & MCX exchanges and predicts about the market trend. Presently, he is in Indore, working with ASTRODUNIA.

Personal astrological services are too provided by him. The accuracy of personal astrology is nearly cent per cent. He is also an expert in signature analysis.. If you do not have your date of birth / time of birth / place of birth. He can predict the past, present & future for you. Also he is a master in horary astrology. He can retify if there are issues with your time of birth. Some times, it happens that the time of birth of the client is not correct. When you use our service, we always rectify each & every aspect by matching your personality, life with that indicated in the horoscope. In this way, the prediction by Mr. Rajeev Prakash is flaw-less.

Currently, the main focus of Mr. Rajeev Prakash is on stock market & commodity market. And he also provides stock market related trading & investment tips.

Rajeev Prakash Agarwal

Mr. Rajeev Prakash Agarwal, Famous Astrologer of India

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