What to happen on 6 November ’12

6th November 2012

Overview Of Global Stock Indices:

Today, Asian market shall open in bullish trend and this shall continue till noon.  Profit booking can come in closing hours. Buy again at closing hours for tomorrow.

UK indices shall open with positive bias. But closing can have some pressure. US stock market can open in negative trend. But in second half, it’ll recover.  It’ll close positive.


TRADING RANGE (6th November 2012)

–           DJIA (DEC-FUTURE): 12,980-13,080

–            NASDAQ (DEC-FUTURE): 2,645-2,670

–           S&P 500 (DEC-FUTURE): 1,400-1,418 (TODAY BUY S&P AROUND 1395-1400 FOR SHORT TERM TARGET 1465-1475)

–           FTSE 100(FUT): 5,850-5,790

–           DAX(FUT): 7,360-7,290

–           CAC(FUT): 3,455-3,430

–           HANG SENG INDEX (FUT):22,220-22,020

–           NIFTY (SPOT): 5,740-5,765

Overview Of Indian Stock Market:

Today, the Indian Stock Market shall open in bullish trend. Rise shall be seen after opening. But profit booking possible in second half. You can buy Nifty, Bank Nifty and other specific stocks (such as MCX, SBI, L&T, MARUTI, Yes Bank, HDFC Bank, HDIL) at closing hours.

Nifty futures if above 5,750 can go 5,760-5,770. Bank Nifty if above 11,450 can go 11,550-11,620.

Profit book in Nifty, Bank Nifty (BTST).



Overview Of Precious Metals:


–           Today, Gold & Silver are slightly positive till 15.00 HRS (IST).

–           A sharp correction is possible between 15.00 HRS (IST) to 22.00 HRS (IST).

–           Today, buy 50% Bullion (Gold & Silver) after 10.00 PM for tomorrow.


Trading Range (6th November 2012):

–           GOLD: 1686-1671

–           SILVER: 31.30-30.50


Overview Of Industrial Metals:

Copper shall turn slightly negative after 15.00 HRS (IST) but after 22.00 HRS (IST), again it’ll recover along with base metals.

Trading Range (6th November 2012):

–           COPPER: 351.00-345.00

Indian MCX traders should keep alert due to USD/INR fluctuation. You have to make short position at 15.00 HRS (IST).

Sell Silver @58,600-58,800 with stop loss 59,100 for target 58,100-57,500.

Sell Gold @30,900-30,950 with stop loss 31,100 for target 30,800-30,700.

But after 22.00 HRS (IST), you must close short and make buying position in Gold & Silver but only in small quantity due to USD/INR fluctuation. Rupee can get strong from tonight. So it’ll have an impact on Gold & Silver prices.

Tonight, Sun to enter in Vishakha nakshatra and Mercury retrograde, which is supportive for Bullion and base metals.  Tomorrow, Bullion can be range bound and have mix trend.


TRADING RANGE (6th November 2012)

–           EUR/USD: 1.27401-2.840 (TODAY BUY EUR/USD after 22.00 HRS at lower level for coming 3 -4 days).

–           USD/INR:54.40-54.90 (TODAY SELL USD/INR AT HIGHER LEVEL FOR TARGET 54.20-54.10-53.50 WITH STOP LOSS 55.20)




Today, Sell oil on rise.

TRADING RANGE (6th November 2012)

-CRUDE OIL: 86.00-84.50

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Disclaimer: The above calculations are based on astrology and technical analysis. This is an indicative report only and not to be considered as live trading calls, which is a proprietary service by our team. This report is meant for educational purpose only.

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