Fasten Your Seat Belt for Bullion

Precious metals shall enter in bull-run from today.
Gigantic falls started from 25th August 2014. This continued till 14th November 2014. In this time period, GOLD dropped from 1,340 to 1,131. Similarly, Silver dropped from 21.00 to 14.50 in the same time period. And then, it recovered gradually.
The second big recovery came on 1st December 2014.
Gold made a high of 1,220 while Silver made a high of 16.70. Between 2nd and 5th December 2014, bullion experienced correction.
From today onwards, bullion is entering a bullish phase, which shall last till 12th February 2015.
Till 31st January 2015, the intensity of bullishness is expected to be high.
In this time frame, GOLD can cross 1,300 while SILVER can cross 18.50.
The exact levels would be projected in next week’s newsletter. It must be noted that some minor corrections may come up as the nature of financial markets.
However, the overall trend is positive.
In the month of December, GOLD can cross 1,240 while SILVER can cross 18.00.
BUY CALL OPTION GOLD FOR TGT 1,250 (FEBRUARY 2015). This can be a profitable trade.
In this week, Monday – Thursday shall be volatile to positive for precious metals. On Friday, a correction is expected.
In this week, GOLD can again come up to 1,220 while SILVER can bounce back to 16.80.


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