Fall to come in US market and Bullion shall Rise!

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Global Stock Indices:

Today is the “NEW MOON” day and due to effect of other planets, something unfavorable for stock market can come up (such as the North Korean issue or some problem in UK market, Cyprus).

This can severely impact the stock markets across the globe.

From tonight (IST), a fall could be observed in global stock indices.

And it can persist for next 2 -3 days and may even continue till Monday.

FOMC meeting is scheduled for today. After FOMC meeting, Dollar Index shall move upward.

And EUR & other currencies shall face a fall against DOLLAR.

Today, Asian markets shall have positive opening and it shall be overall positive day.

However, profit booking could be observed in closing hours.

You can build up short position for next 2 -3 days at closing hours.

UK market shall open positive today. However, closing could be bearish.

Next 2 -3 days, UK shall follow the fall in global stock indices.

Yesterday, we said that US market shall close positive and we also said that today, Asian opening shall be positive. This was mentioned in last day’s letter. By grace of the almighty, our prediction is turning out to be correct.

However, tonight, US market shall close in bearish trend.  Next 2 days shall also be bearish in US market .

Any time, a sharp fall is possible in US market.

A fall of 4 – 5 % can come in the US market in coming days “ANY TIME”.

Sell S&P500 on higher level (around 1,562-1,565) for target 1,540-1,505 with stop loss 1,575.

Trading Range (10th April 2013):


Precious & Industrial Metals:

Today, precious metals are expected to be positive during the day hours.

Last week as well, we had mentioned that bullion shall be positive for this week (8-12 April 2013).  Gold can go up to 1,595 while Silver could cross 28.00 – This was said last week.

The same happened!

We had recommended you to buy gold @1,540.

Yesterday, gold touched 1,590 and Silver touched 28.05.

Today, trend shall be volatile to positive for bullion.

After 21.30 HRS (IST), some profit booking is possible.

Today after FOMC meeting, bullion shall go upward.

NOTE: Bullion shall remain volatile to positive for next 2 days. 

Today, volatile and mix trend shall be observed in base metals.

Trading Range (10th April 2013):


Energy Products:

Today, volatile to positive trend is expected in NG.


Crude Oil shall also be volatile to positive.

Trading Range (10th April 2013)



Today, owing to FOMC meeting, Dollar Index shall move upward. As a result, EUR/USD shall go down and USD/INR shall go up.

Today, you can sell EUR/USD around 1.3120+ for target 1.29000.

Today, you can buy USD/INR around lower level (54.20-54.40) for next 2 -3 days, target is 55.20-55.40.

Yesterday, we recommended to buy EUR/USD for target 1.31000. The target was almost achieved.

Trading Range (10th April 2013):


Indian Stock Market:

Today, Indian stock market shall be volatile to positive. Some profit booking can come at closing hours. You can make short position in Nifty, Bank Nifty on higher levels for next 2 -3 days.

Trading Range:-

–          Nifty Fut(APRIL):5,520-5,550-5,575

–          Bank Nifty Fut (APRIL): 11,900-12,250



  • PFC


  • DLF , SBI on higher levels.


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