Episode 7: The Trump Presidency in USA and Saturn’s sade saati

On 27th January, Saturn is entering into Sagittarius while Mars has entered into Pisces. In the last episode as well, it was mentioned that after Venus shall also enter Pisces leading to cold weather / lower temperature suddenly. In coming days, Asian and Arab countries may witness terrorist activities. Some negative indications are there for Pakistan as well. A state of war may develop. Coming to stock market, 2017 is a year of being alert. It might bring up issues similar to what happened in 2008. Listen to the audio for this week’s prediction on stock market. We are seeing crude oil crossing $100 per barrel! This video also covers the effect of Trump’s Presidency in USA. How will USA’s destiny be under Trump’s administration?
A detailed description of Shani (Saturn) ’s Sade Sati is explained. You get aware of your deficiencies in unfavorable time. Try to overcome your negativity! Saturn improves your life by giving you a chance to change your choices that upgrades your existence. It is a matter of exclamation that Saturn’s sade saati was the very period in which major political parties entered the central government in India! Don’t get tensed of Shani’s sade sati. Stay pure, amazing and make this world happy! Saturn is the judge of your karma.
Trump’s thoughts and work may strain USA’s business relation with India.
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