Christmas Rally To End Or Continue : A Big Question

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The year is coming to an end and we wish you a happy, beneficial and profitable year ahead. May God bless all of us and our near & dear ones with a healthy and cheerful life ahead & our dreams getting fulfilled.

We are happy to announce that “ASTRODUNIA” is shifting to its new base in Indore – with better resources & infrastructure.




We hope that we will continue receiving your support in this transition which is going to be crucial with our upcoming endeavors and undertakings. AstroDunia has been in operation since 2004. It has been more than a decade (actually 11.5 years to be precise!) that was spent on researching and implementing “financial astrology” as well as “personal astrology” based services and products with the best efforts of our team. And there are certain exciting announcements – in case you missed it – Annual Letter 2016 is set to be launched in first week of January’16. And, we are working hard to release a mobile app (“MONEY GAIN”) that will deliver live trading signals (for international markets) – this will help investors stay connected with our alerts. You are cordially invited to make any suggestions.

Hence, the year 2016 is going to be actually exciting for all of us.

Wish you the best of luck! Merry X-mas & Happy New Year in advance. Let us work really hard together and reach the zenith of success.


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Global Equity Indices

In the weekly letter, it was mentioned that market would be overall positive for the week but 21st to 22nd could be uncertain / slightly weak. The trend market undertook has confirmed our prediction. The target mentioned in weekly letter for S&P500 FUT: 2060 was almost achieved.  For today as well, trend shall continue to be positive.

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It is going to be a half day in US and other major markets.

It is difficult to estimate the percentage by which S&P500 FUT and other indices move up. But if S&P500 FUT sustains above 2060 then it can go up to 2078-2079.  In the last trading hour, profit booking is expected.

25th onwards, it is going to be a long holiday. Market shall be back to operation on 28th.

28thand 29th December’15 can be weak for equities. However, because it is the year-ending and there will be very limited volume which makes it difficult to estimate the fall in market.

29th to 31st December’15, market shall try to move up.

This uncertainty shall continue in first week of January’16.

6th Jan’16 onwards, a clear positive trend shall be observed, which shall continue for some time.


Gold and silver couldn’t move up as per our expectations. Yet, we are expecting to move up today. A short covering is indicated. Gold may bounce back to 1081-1082. If it crosses the resistance at 1082, it’ll hit 1088. Similarly, Silver can move up to 14.50-14.60.

Next week’s Monday-Tuesday shall be weak for bullion which may witness Gold dropping below 1060 & Silver dropping below 14.

29th-30th shall be supportive for market – market will take support and try to recover / bounce (especially on 29th, trend seems to be bullish).

Gold and Silver may witness a positive positional rally after first week of January ’16, which may continue till mid-Feb’16. Further details shall be available in next weekly newsletter.

MCX market shall remain closed for the morning-noon session. It will open in evening (IST).


Crude Oil shall continue to be positive for the day. Thursday onwards, positive trend is expected. It is behaving as per our expectations – it made a low on Tuesday. Today as well, trend shall be positive for oil – it may hit $39/bbl or even cross this level.

Next week’s Monday-Tuesday shall be weak for crude oil.

A positional positive rally may be seen after first week of Jan’16.

You are advised to book profit in long position of Crude Oil today.

A positional rally may be seen after first week of Jan’16.


NG is trading as per our expectations. It shall continue to be positive for the day – it may cross 2.00 – 2.05 today. You are advised to book profit in long position of NG today.

In initial part of next week, NG may witness profit booking.


Buy EUR/USD for target 1.0980. At higher level, you MUST book profit.




Dollar index shall be in declining mode for the day.


We hope you booked profit with short position in treasury bonds last day. Around 2.27-2.28, you can long US 10 Year Treasury bonds for next week.


In the weekly letter, we had mentioned that Monday-Tuesday would be uncertain while Wednesday-Thursday would be positive. Market has behaved as per our expectations.

Today, Nifty Fut may move up to 7980-8000 while Bank Nifty can cross 17000.

In the last one hour of trading, profit booking may be observed.

Next week’s Monday-Tuesday could be uncertain to weak.


  • NIFTY FUT: 7840-7980 AND ABOVE
  • BANK NIFTY: 16700-17000


  • BHEL
  • GAIL
  • SBI


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