Astrological Prediction for Stock market, gold, silver, oil, natural gas

Global Stock Indices:

Between 7th October 2013 to 10th November 2013, dead lock in matter of US (shut down issue) would be solved. As per astrology, we expect it to be solved on 9th or 10th October 2013. Matter wouldn’t be completely solved however, Obama and the REPUBLICAN could come to a common agreement. This problem may again come up in a bigger form in March 2014 (which could be really harmful for US economy).
Mars entered under Leo zodiac this weekend. This shall be positive for stock market. S&P500 made a low of 1,662 while it closed at 1,684. Hold long position with stop loss 1,660. On Monday, some what positive trend is expected in US market. However on 8th and 9th October 2013, we have Scorpio moon. As a result, market shall experience heavy volatility and uncertainty. Again on 10th & 11th October 2013, global market shall be positive. There can be some what positivity on 7th October 2013 (with volatility). On 8th October 2013, volatile to positive trend is expected. On 9th, volatile to positive trend is expected. And on 10th & 11th, positive trend is expected in stock market.
Due to Scorpio Moon, 8th & 9th could be uncertain. However, weekly closing shall be bullish.
S&P500 could come up to 1,695.
Monday’s view: Asian opening shall be positive. Closing shall be volatile to positive in Asian market. European and US market shall be also volatile to positive. You should remember that on 8th October 2013, Asia can have negative opening.
On 1st October 2013, Gold made a low of 1,282 while Silver made a low of 20.45. Weekly closing for Gold was at 1,310 & 21.75. This week is expected to be volatile (to positive) for precious metals.
Bullish trend shall be seen on 8th October 2013 ,10th October 2013 & 11th October 2013.
7th October 2013: Market shall open positive (and continue to be positive with volatility till 16.00 hrs ist). And then onwards, volatile trend is expected.
8th October 2013: Precious metals could open negative. But from 12.45 HRS (IST) to 16.00 HRS (IST), bearish trend shall be seen. And then from 16.30 HRS (IST) to late night, bullish trend shall be seen. Especially between 17.00-18.00 & 20.00-23.00 HRS (IST), a good positive trend is expected.
9th October 2013: Precious metals shall be positive till 12.15 HRS (IST). And then from 12.30 HRS (IST), declining trend shall be seen. This shall continue till night. After FOMC meet, precious metals shall turn bullish.
10th October 2013: Positive day for bullion. From 10.00 HRS (IST) to late night, positive trend is expected. Around 11.00-15.45 HRS, 20.00 HRS to late night (IST), bullish trend shall be seen.
11th October 2013: Again a positive day for bullion (especially from 10.00-12.15 HRS IST & between 17.00-20.00 HRS IST). However from 20.00 HRS (IST), volatility shall be seen. Furthermore, closing is expected to be positive.
Monday’s view: Bullion shall have positive opening. Volatile to positive till 16.00 HRS (IST). And then ups and downs shall be seen.
View On Energy Products:

Crude Oil’s major support is 101.10. If that isn’t broken then OIL can again cross 104.50.
Both side trend is expected. Trade in and out.
Daily Range:

CRUDE: 102.00-104.50

NG: 3.48-3.55

View on Indian Stock Market

Monday’s view: Indian stock market shall experience weakness in first half.In second half, recovery is indicated.

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