Annual Letter 2018- Feb prediction and market decline

This is a part of the prediction for the initial part of February in Annual Letter 2018.

Section: Equities.

Outcome: TheĀ American index S&P500 fell by 9% over this period (1st to 4th/5th February 2018).
4th happened to be a Sunday; which is why its effect happened on 5th. S&P500 FUT has support at 2520 while DOW FUT has support at 23200 and NASDAQ has support at 6250. Hang Seng Feb contract has support at 30500. Nifty has support at 10200 while Bank Nifty has support at 25000.

In our video on YouTube as well as predictions on the website, we were warning people of a potential sharp decline in the stock market (Indian as well as global markets).

Today – around 13.00 HRS IST, Venus is changing position. Here onwards, a recovery is anticipated. If this recovery happens then the market can be upward for next 2 – 3 days. After 15th, you shall again be alert.


Gold and Silver are trading upward as per our prediction. We have also been anticipating a decline in Copper and base metals.

After the change of Venus, crude oil will move higher. With S/L of 62.70, buy crude. In next 2 – 3 days, oil is upward.



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