Annual Letter 2017

We are launching Annual Letter 2017 today at 6 PM.

It has to be noted that the year 2017 is painful for investors.

Is the positivity in global and Indian market an illusion similar to 2008?

Will the value of Silver again brighten up? When?

Sugar, Soybean, Cotton, Edible Oil to see new highs in 2017 but when? When should you long and when to expect the top?

The answer to all such questions exist in the ANNUAL LETTER 2017.

Here’s a free tip from ANNUAL LETTER 2017 for you: In next 40 days, NG shall not breach 3.10 on the lower side and On the higher side, it can go up-to 3.90 or 4.20.

Look forward to several interesting predictions for 2017!

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