27 January 2017: Prediction on S&P500 and precious metals

Global Equity Indices

Today, it is the new moon and square of Saturn and Venus. Market may observe both side swings. The top of equities have already been made or will be made today. And then, market shall be in a highly corrective mode until third week of March 2017. You may build short position here and wait for third week of March 2017 – target 2050 or lower for S&P500 FUT.

You may also buy VIX.

Today onwards, China is closing for a week’s time on occasion of new lunar year. Similarly, HK is closed on Monday and Tuesday and Singapore is also closed on Monday.

Next week, market is bearish.

Precious Metals

You were advised to long 50% position in Gold  @ 1185 and Silver in the previous trading session. Today from US opening or Monday, bullion shall start moving up. Commodities shall trade in large range for the day. Around 1170-72, you may add long position in Gold. Around 16.40-16.50, you may add long position in Silver.

By March 2017, we are expecting Gold to cross 1300 and Silver to cross 20.00.

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