Booked profit in long position of indices and stocks

Some of the recent trade recommendations sent to our subscribers.

  • Closed out long positions in the S&P 500 (SPOT), Dow, and Nasdaq at 4580, 35600, and 15560, respectively, realizing a profit.
  • Purchased PKX at 106 last Friday and sold at 132, realizing a profit of 22.4%.
  • Purchased BA at 212 and sold at 230, realizing a profit of 8.5%.
  • Purchased GOOGL at 121 and sold at 130, realizing a profit of 7.4%.
  • Purchased TSLA at 255 and sold at 275, realizing a profit of 7.8%.
  • Took a long position in Gold (August contract) at 1954 and closed out 50% of the position at 1978, realizing a profit of 1.2%.
  • Took a long position in silver (September contract) at 24.52 and closed out 50% of the position at 25.15, realizing a profit of 2.5%.
  • Suggested buying copper (September contract) at 3.81 and closed out the position at 3.93, realizing a profit of 3.1%.

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