View Again Right! Crude Oil Target Hit within 24 hrs of prediction! We said ‘ANY TIME’!

4th August 2012
My crude oil target : $91+/bbl got hit last night. There was considerable bullish tone in Gold and Silver.
My target in eur/usd :1.2380 also crossed. The target for DOLLAR INDEX also got hit!
We also achieved our target in S&P.
Copper was also seen with good rise last day.
All of the forecasts mentioned last morning come true.
Next week,  market is bullish with a bit of volatility till Wednesday (8th August 2012).
S&P can cross 1400.
Dollar Index can go down to 82.05 & below .
Nifty can cross 5280-5325.
EUR/USD can cross 1.2450 and has potentials to touch 1.2500-1.2580.
USD/INR will go down to 55.20-55.05-54.80
Gold can cross $1640 and may also touch $1670.
Silver to cross $29.50 and may also touch $30 and above.
Copper to cross $342 and may touch $348.
Crude Oil can touch $93. (Our target ($91/bbl) in Crude has already been achieved. I still expect more bullishness in Oil.)
Next week is also positive for Rice, Sugar. In short term, sugar is very bullish.
My astrology vision is that rubber ‘U’ turn possible from next week, which shall make it up with a bullish trend.
After 9th August 2012, metal traders & investors should keep alert and wait for my next forecast.
My astrology theory is above 92% accurate. This is visible from the predictions made since last 15 days.

The author of this article is Mr. Rajeev Prakash Agarwal, a renowned financial astrologer in India & the director of MAA ASTRO DUNIYA PRIVATE LIMITED, an astrology based firm that provides its clients across the globe with tips on trading and investment in Stock and Commodity Markets (MCX, COMEX, NYMEX) .
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