The trend in equities and metals

Global Equity Indices

In the current week, downside risk seems to be higher. On Monday, market might seem to be supportive. S&P500 FUT can move up to 2400-2404. From next trading session, markets will climb down with some volatility. Wednesday onwards, considerable negativity may start and continue till Friday. S&P500 FUT may breach 2350 by the weekend.

In the next week, Monday seems to be more negative.

Our prediction on French election turned out to be wrong and Macron has won the presidential votes.


Bullion shall be slightly positive for the day and next day. At the most, Gold and Silver can move up to 1240-1250 and 16.70-16.80. From Wednesday, precious metals shall again decline. The weekly closing shall be around 1225-1205 and 16.20-16.00.

At higher level, you may enter into short position for Gold(@ 1240-1245 with S/L 1250) as well as Silver (@16.60-16.70).

On 14th May 2017, Sun shall move to Taurus. Gold and Silver shall start with a positive rally which may continue till June 2017.

Positional traders shall wait for next week to enter into long position.


Copper and other base metals shall be negative in this week. You may build short position in industrial metals at higher levels. In the downside, Copper can drop to 2.40. On the higher side, it may move up to 2.65. Wait for the higher level to build short position. At lower level, day traders may long with S/L 2.47.



EUR/USD shall trade between 1.1020 and 1.0870 for the week. You may short EUR/USD with S/L 1.1030.



Dollar index shall be volatile to bearish for the week. On the higher side, it can move up to 99. On the lower side, it can drop to 98.


In this week, USD/JPY can breach 113.00. It can move up to 113.50. On the lower side, it can drop to 111.80.

US Treasury Bonds Yield

USĀ  Treasury Bonds shall decline for the day. From Wednesday to Friday, it may move in positive direction.

Indian Stock Market

Indian market shall be volatile to slightly positive for the day. In the closing hour, profit booking may be observed. Major bearishness shall happen from Wednesday. Next week is negative.

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