Huge Profit in Commodity Trading

It’s really great time for our subscribers of Commodity Tips, who made a handsome profit of Rs. 1,32,000/- (ONE LAKH THIRTY TWO THOUSAND INR), in a SINGLE day through trading in Bullion and Base metals.


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History Repeats= Heavy Profit in a single Day

Once again, history repeats and it’s time for the huge profits despite of the heavy volatility in the market.

Our clients made the following profits in MCX single lots,

  • Gold- 25,000 INR / LOT
  • Silver- 39,000 INR / LOT
  • Copper  – 7,000 INR/ LOT


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We also mentioned the movement of the commodity market in the post updated in Morning.

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History Repeats = Heavy Profit in Commodity Market

Short position for GOLD @27,000 and Silver@ 55,000 on HOLD.
Heavy Profit to our customers in short position of gold, silver and overnight short position on HOLD in Crude@4399(November Contract), Nickel@940 , Zinc, Lead, Copper.
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On the auspicious occassion of Guru Pushya Nakshatra, you get 3 Months membership for a discounted price of 20,000/- only (VALID ONLY FOR TODAY) and 25,000/- then onwards valid till Diwali.
Some think and others make profit. 

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Our STBT in Nifty & Bank Nifty.

Heavy Profit in Commodity Market

Our CLIENTS are making truck load of money from SHORT POSITION in gold and silver..



But wait! We are still on hold! till…………………?? August…

What could be the future of bullion and other commodity products such as Crude, Nickel, Copper, etc..????

What  and When could be a major movement which can yield you “lots” and “lots” of money ????…

Also note that, there was a free prediction on our website regarding the sharp fall of  Bullion..

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Our clients long in Gold And Silver

Our clients are long in Gold And Silver from Friday (Gold @ 24,100 & Silver @ 57900) .

Our subscribers yielded tonnes of money (Isn’t it a lottery????) in the commodity market.

It is a lottery for all of our subscribers.

Calculate the amount of money they are making???

Did you forget that our clients recently made 2 LAC in 2 Days and another 1.1 LAC in 1 Day.

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Make a fortune out of commodity market

Huge profit in Commodity Market

Once again, history is repeating itself.

Last few trading sessions, our clients earned as high as 2 LAC RUPEES in two days followed by another 1 LAC in one day. {This includes only the intraday calls}.

As a matter of fact, today as well, our clients made a huge profit in the COMMODITY market with our highly profitable tips and recommendation services.Make a fortune out of commodity market

Our clients earned 35,000 INR / lot in silver, 30,000 INR /lot in gold, 9,000 INR/lot in crude.

This sums upto 74,000 INR in a Single Day!!!

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Note: We had already informed at in the morning itself (today) regarding the bullish trend of bullion in evening.

Again, a HEAVY Profit in Commodity AND Stock

Highly profitable for investors

Within last 3 days, our clients again made huge profit of 60,000 INR in silver / lot and 35,000 INR in gold /lot.

Yesterday, our clients made a lot of money from BATA INDIA, NIFTY, BANK NIFTY, GTL, ICICI Bank.



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Heavy Profit in Commodity Market (2)

Again, by grace of god, and with our extremely Accurate and Profitable advices / tips on the commodity market, our clients earned Rs. 90,000 / lot in Silver and Rs. 40,000/lot in Gold.This sums up to Rs. 1,30,000/- (ONE LAC THIRTY THOUSAND RUPEES) . (This includes only the INTRA-DAY TIPS served for today)

Highly profitable recommendation services

If you sum up the intra-day profit that our clients earned yesterday, it is 1,15,000+1,30,000 =Rs.2,45,000/- (TWO LAKH  FORTY FIVE THOUSAND INDIAN NATIONAL RUPEE). A handful of 0.245 Million Rupees as a PROFIT within TWO days?

Can someone else give you a better return?

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Heavy Profit in Commodity

By grace of god and with our expertise, our clients got a huge intraday profit of  Rs. 70,000 in Silver (in single lot), Rs. 35,000 in Gold(single lot) and Rs. 10,000 in crude (in single lot). And a BTST call in copper yielded Rs. 10,000 (in single lot).

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This sums upto a heavy profit of  1,15,000 INR ( One Lac Fifteen Thousand Rupees) within today’s intra-day call. This is what Astrodunia’s team calls “PROFITABLE RECOMMENDATIONS”.

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Heavy Profit in Bullion

Our predictions & recommendations again prove to be worthy.

Today’s call of BUYING SILVER @51050 – Profit Booked @ 51850 (24,000 INR/ Per Lot) & Huge profit in Gold(7,000 INR / per lot), Crude and Copper (15,000 INR / per lot).

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