Stock Tips For Small Investors

After huge demand of the most subscribed service by Astrodunia, “Stock market tips / recommendations” for small investor is back. In a new avatar, loaded with high potentials to make profit, we want Small Investors to make money from the Stock market.

In case you are a SMALL INVESTOR and want to make a considerable FORTUNE out of the Stock market, here is your exclusive chance to mint money and make your portfolio full of green colors of “heavy” profits. Always remember that, all of the TOP 500 Fortune companies began with a very small capital. Be it the IT Giant Hewlett Packard(H.P.) or Microsoft or any other brand. Small Capital is never a limitation but a chance to prove your financial skills. The best of financial astrology is at your service, with an accuracy of over 92%, you will be destined to huge profits.  It’s time to Take the Action. Subscribe to our membership and explore the non-traditional strategies to stay ahead of other investors in the financial market.

After getting inquiries and requests from thousands of  “small” capital investors, announces the re-launch of it’s Stock Recommendation services for the small investors i.e. the General Membership for Stock market tips, which will cost you as follows:-

  • 1 Month – Rs. 4,100/-
  • 3 Months – Rs. 10,100 /-
  • 6 Months – Rs. 18,000 /-

The tips will be delivered via priority SMS to your mobile number.

Heavy Profit in Commodity Market (2)

Again, by grace of god, and with our extremely Accurate and Profitable advices / tips on the commodity market, our clients earned Rs. 90,000 / lot in Silver and Rs. 40,000/lot in Gold.This sums up to Rs. 1,30,000/- (ONE LAC THIRTY THOUSAND RUPEES) . (This includes only the INTRA-DAY TIPS served for today)

Highly profitable recommendation services

If you sum up the intra-day profit that our clients earned yesterday, it is 1,15,000+1,30,000 =Rs.2,45,000/- (TWO LAKH  FORTY FIVE THOUSAND INDIAN NATIONAL RUPEE). A handful of 0.245 Million Rupees as a PROFIT within TWO days?

Can someone else give you a better return?

I am sorry if you again lost the chance of minting money from the Indian commodity market (MCX).

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Silver: Will History of 1980 repeat in 2011?

In 1980, Silver had a mighty up-trend leading to 52$. And in May 1980, sharp fall was observed in SILVER. Investors were badly trapped for 20 LONG years..

2011 seems to REPEAT this..

Commodity Market Volatile.. Will HISTORY repeat itself?

Commodity Market Volatile.. Will HISTORY repeat itself?

When will SILVER have it’s BOTTOM OUT???????

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Heavy Profit in Bullion

Our predictions & recommendations again prove to be worthy.

Today’s call of BUYING SILVER @51050 – Profit Booked @ 51850 (24,000 INR/ Per Lot) & Huge profit in Gold(7,000 INR / per lot), Crude and Copper (15,000 INR / per lot).

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