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We also mentioned the movement of the commodity market in the post updated in Morning.

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History Repeats = Heavy Profit in Commodity Market

Short position for GOLD @27,000 and Silver@ 55,000 on HOLD.
Heavy Profit to our customers in short position of gold, silver and overnight short position on HOLD in Crude@4399(November Contract), Nickel@940 , Zinc, Lead, Copper.
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Silver: Will History of 1980 repeat in 2011?

In 1980, Silver had a mighty up-trend leading to 52$. And in May 1980, sharp fall was observed in SILVER. Investors were badly trapped for 20 LONG years..

2011 seems to REPEAT this..

Commodity Market Volatile.. Will HISTORY repeat itself?

Commodity Market Volatile.. Will HISTORY repeat itself?

When will SILVER have it’s BOTTOM OUT???????

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