Total Lunar Eclipse on 10th December

Details of the eclipse:-

  • Eclipse begins –                   18.15 HRS (IST)
  • Maximum of eclipse-         20.02 HRS (IST)
  • Eclipse ends-                        21.48 HRS (IST)

*IST = Indian Standard Time

On the basis of astrology, eclipse’s affected planets don’t give positivity. Otherwise, the effect is neutralized.

Over all, the ‘Nakshatra’ under which eclipse take place, it’s not considered to be good for marriages, house warming ceremony, construction work or similar fortunate functions.

Effect of Eclipse on various Zodiacs:-

Aries:  It’s favorable time for you. Avoid un-necessary expenditures.  Your financial portfolio can be affected during this period. There can be tension without a reason.

Taurus: It’s unfavorable time for you. Kindly perform remedy for it. Health related complications can be a major issue for you. Stay away from cheaters, people may try to extract benefits from you.

Gemini: It’s going to be a combination of good as well as bad time for you. Minor losses are possible.

Un-necessary expenditure and travel may take up your pocket.

Cancer: Fortunate time for Cancerians. Accomplishment of an important task may be done in this time period. Small efforts will prove to be profitable.

Leo: It’s good for Leo based individuals. At your work place, be alert. You may be a victim of forgery or cheating and dishonesty.

Virgo: it’s not fortunate for you. Mental depression and decrease in fame is seen. So you must be alert all the time, in every action of yours. Be very specific with your financial decisions.

Libra: This is not good time for you. Be sure of caring for your health. Also take care of safety during using transport vehicle.

Scorpio: A mixture of result is seen. Relation with life-partners may get affected. You may suffer from financial losses.

Sagittarius:  Time is good. Life will be at normal pace.

Capricorn: It’s fortunate time for you. Maintain mental balance. Stay away from undesirable tension.

Aquarius: Fortunate time for you. Good time is waiting for you to excel.


The Lunar Eclipse

Astrology and planets influence your life. Know what this lunar eclipse may bring in your life.

The Total Lunar Eclipse starts from 23.7 HRS (15th June 2011) and ends on 03.38 HRS (16th June 2011)

This lunar eclipse is the lengthiest eclipse of this century. This eclipse will effect politics and make it volatile. Many scams may be exposed soon. The states of Gujrat and Bihar as well as states in South India may face a danger of flood.  There can be terrorist activities in the country.  Government must keep an alert regarding anti-social elements and matters such as terrorism.

The matter of Lokpal Bill may fall into a bin and Mr. Anna Hazare will have to fight a lengthy war to make his dream come true.  Inflation rates will increase by leaps and bounds. The common man will be the victim of this.

This eclipse is beneficial for the zodiacs: Mithun , Kanya, Makar and Kumbh.

It is not favorable for the zodiacs :Mesh, Vrrish, Kark, Sinha, Tula, Dhanu and Meen.