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Sep 13 2012

Astrological View on Commodities

Today (13th September 2012) – Bullion – highly volatile and big move (both side) possible. Bullion should go up till evening and would again decline in evening session. And then again recover in late night. You are required to keep alert of the volatile market. Tomorrow, as well, upward movement will be seen during day …

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Aug 04 2012

View Again Right! Crude Oil Target Hit within 24 hrs of prediction! We said ‘ANY TIME’!

4th August 2012 My crude oil target : $91+/bbl got hit last night. There was considerable bullish tone in Gold and Silver. My target in eur/usd :1.2380 also crossed. The target for DOLLAR INDEX also got hit! We also achieved our target in S&P. Copper was also seen with good rise last day. All of …

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Apr 18 2012

New Charges as on 18 April 2012

-With effect from 18th April 2012

Time Period Stock Market Commodity Market
3 Months 12000 INR 25000 INR
6 Months 20,000 INR 45000 INR
1 Year 38000 INR 75000 INR

NOTIFICATION Huge profit in gold, silver, crude oil and base metals. Do …

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