Democracy in India gets a new definition. Historic moment.

Victory of the COMMON MAN & Salute to Anna Hazare

Time and again, after 64 years of independence, it’s for the first time that the whole of Indian Parliament had to accept the demands of the common man. The credit definitely goes to The Second Gandhi of India- Shri Anna Hazare and his team (Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodiya & the other members of Civil Society).

It was because of their worthy efforts as well as the will of common people in India that this campaign AGAINST CORRUPTION became an international concern.

राज करेगा अब आम आदमी

देश के दुसरे गाँधी श्री अन्ना हजारे को हमारा नमन

Probably, this is not the victory yet but it does show the power of common man in a democracy..

This campaign has ignited a new path of “clean” politics which will destine the common man to use his democratic abilities for the welfare of citizens of India.

Team Astrodunia and all associates salute Shri Anna Hazare for creating a spark in the common man regarding the POWER of a common man.

Let’s hope that, this campaign in favor of national interest keeps continuing and create political, social awareness among Indians.

जय हिंद

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Shri Anna Hazare: Health

PRAY TO GOD FOR HEALTH OF ANNA(The 21st Century Gandhi- Anna Hazare)

An old man at the age of 74 can stand for all the Indians amidst all the atrocities.. Astrodunia and all of it’s associates wholeheartedly support the revolution led by Shri Anna Hazare. Moreover, it’s time for the people to think about the health of Shri Anna Hazare. People should come up with a solution that ends up his fast as soon as possible. Shri Anna Hazare is the real treasure of India and it’s time for people to preserve him as national heritage. Jai Hind! We pray to god for pinkest health of Anna. VANDE MATARAM!
Desh ko saaf karo. Door karo bharshtachar

There will be a true meaning of this revolution only if the people commit to not to promote any corruption in any way (be it a small or a big one!) at their own level.  If we make this revolution a fashion, we won’t get a chance again to improve our nation. Lets promise ourselves that we will be AGAINST CORRUPTION for ever in each and every instance of life.

*Issued in Public Interest.

Appeal in favor of Nation

Happy Independence Day to each and every citizen of India. It’s high time for us to provoke the actual independence by supporting Shri Anna Hazare.

An old man at the age of 74 can stand for all the Indians amidst all the atrocities, cannot WE even close down all the lights of our home today between 8-9 PM???Lets Show our SUPPORT FOR THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION.