We are Short in S&P from 2113


This week is a critical one owing to FOMC meeting about change of interest rate (on 17th ’s night). And hence, week shall be pretty uncertain and you are advised to trade with cautions. Astrology indicates bad week for stocks. Heavy volatility is expected. A sharp correction is indicated on 16th June 2015. Stock market can try to recover from Thursday/Friday. Overall, trend is expected to be weak for the entire week. In short term, stocks shall be bearish till 25th July 2015. In the month of July, a sharp correction shall be observed.

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Bullion is expected to be range bound to negative for the day. Next day, a sharp correction is seen in US hours. On Wednesday, trend shall be zigzag.. Recovery is expected from …………………………..?????????

Detailed view, trading strategy & range:: ONLY FOR MEMBERS


Crude Oil shall be overall negative till 25th . In this week, Crude can drop to 58-57. On Tuesday/Wednesday, it shall take a U turn. Thursday-Friday seems to be positive for Crude Oil and it may shoot up to 61. However, in next week, trend shall again be positive. Trading Strategy: Cover short position around 58-57 and wait for higher level on Friday to make fresh short position.


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